I did it!!

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Ok, so my first day wasn’t so great, too much wine @ a memorial service for a dear friend of mine.  He would have been disappointed if I didn’t have at least a few.  So in his memory, I had a couple.  Love you Aaron!!

Today, I did it 100%!!  Not hungry, just visiting the potty more than I want in one hour.  Who cares if I will look like those chicks you posted tonight Lisa!!

Going to try to make it in the early am for working out….that’s part of this re-dedication too. 😉


  1. crossfitflagstaff says:

    Just to be clear, the point wasn’t that I am trying to make sure you all plan to look like Nicole and Eva and Greg, it was just that you don’t get leaner and perform better with the “researched and approved” USDA recommended diet and to be aware that the general recommendations and guidelines for healthy eating are actually pretty off base. Not that the Zone is necessarily the end-all be-all, but the quality of food in it’s pyramid is certainly more healthy eating in it’s nutrient content.

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