How Much Fish Oil?

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Why a Minimum of 3 Grams?

As those of you participating in the Nutrition Challenge well know by now, you lose one point every day that your fish oil consumption falls below 3 grams (of EPA/DHA).  But why do we place this emphasis on fish oil and not any of the other supplements that may also assist with performance and recovery?  

Try this on for size: aside from preventing coronary heart disease, reducing sudden death cardiac arryhythmia, reducing high blood pressure, and reducing unhealthy blood clotting, fish oil also improves athletic performance.  This increase in performance is attributed to fish oil for two different reasons.  

First, the Omega-3 fatty acids in fish oil have anti-inflammatory properties that are unmatched.  The damage we cause to our muscles while CrossFitting causes inflammation throughout the body.  Because we are suggesting you workout a minimum of 3 days a week (we recommend 5-6), this inflammation might be considered chronically elevated. By using fish oil, the body utilizes Omega-3's to produce hormones that are non-inflammatory, thereby decreasing pain involved with inflammation and allowing you to train harder.

Also, fish oil has proven to lower triglycerides – the storage form of fat.  Triglycerides are associated with abdominal fat and constitute a cardiovascular risk indication.  Omega-3's have shown to decrease the generation of triglycerides in the liver and help metabolize this unhealthy fat as an energy source.  You benefit by decreasing your body fat %, which will prove to increase your performance in the gym.

The recommended dosage to lower triglycerides is 5g (EPA/DHA) per day.  It is recommended that you split your dosage into AM and PM doses of equal amount.  Our requirement of 3g is simply a step in the right direction.  By eating a Paleo (grain free) diet, we reduce the ingestion of unhealthy Omega-6's, which are pro-inflammatory.  We aim to reduce this ratio of Omega-6:Omega-3 to levels that reduce inflammation to improve health and performance.


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