Hotshots19 Memorial WOD

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Saturday, August 31, CrossFit Flagstaff will support the Hotshots19
fundraising workout at Captain CrossFit in Prescott.  We will be
caravaning anyone who is willing to go to Prescott with us and support
this cause. Let's make a strong showing from Flagstaff!


"Hotshots 19 Hero WOD:
A Memorial Fundraising event to benefit the Families of the Fallen Granite Mountain Hotshots

Since our inception,
a principal concern of Captain CrossFit has been to provide elite
fitness to the first responder communities of the Prescott area. We
conveniently found our home across the street from Fire Station 7, which
housed the Granite Mountain Hotshots. Immediately, we asked these men
and their families to be a part of our gym. As many of the firefighters
were already participating in CrossFit workouts, albeit with minimal
equipment, the ability to join Captain CrossFit was readily accepted.
Captain CrossFit became known in town as “the gym that loved firemen”.Captain CF is located across the street from Fire
Station 7, which housed the Granite Mountain Hotshots and many of those
firefighters were CrossFit athletes at Captain CF. These men
were, in many ways, the life blood of our community at Captain. Most
morning and evening classes were filled with not only members of other
fire departments, but also this elite group of Hotshots. Quite often
these men would do their workout, wait for their spouses to make it in
to the gym, and then subsequently do a second workout with them.
Workouts were often interrupted by a radio call, causing half of the
class to rush out in the service and protection of our community. At
Captain CrossFit, we were proud to feel like an extension of these
heroes’ stations.

Prescott, being a tight knit community, had forged
many relationships at Captain CrossFit with these men. Many of our
clients and trainers have known these heroes and their families for
their entire lives. Not a day will pass without these brave and
honorable men being missed and mourned by our family at Captain

It is in light of our dedication to them, that we gladly
accept the honor to host a Memorial Fundraising event at Captain
CrossFit on August 31st from 10am to 5pm. All funds raised will be
managed by the CrossFit Kids Foundation and specifically dedicated to
the children who have lost their fathers in this tragedy. The families
in need will receive 100% of proceeds collected. More information on the
national fundraiser is available at

Please plan to come and join us on August 31st to honor the 19 men from
Prescott Fire Station 7 who paid the ultimate sacrifice. We will be
honoring them with a workout and BBQ.

It is our goal to harness not
only the Captain CrossFit community, but the CrossFit community as a
whole, to ease the burden of the surviving families. All participation
will be accepted with gratitude.

— The Team at Captain CrossFit"


Please comment below if you can go with us.


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