Hose Pull vs. Tara Pull

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Simulating hose pull for firefighter training w/homemade sled and fire hose.


The "Tara Sled"-much more interactive!  Go Mike!

3 rounds for Time:
110 lb. sled drags for 200 ft.
50 10lb. sledgehammer hits to tire

Create your own sled:
Old Tire w/an eye bolt screwed into it w/large washer
Crossed 2×4’s inserted into center ring of tire
Bolt 1" pipe on a flange to the 2×4’s
Tie on rope or hose to the eye bolt
Stack weights onto the pipe, and pull or ride!


  1. Tara Paprocki says:

    What a great work out guys! Thanks for the fun new toy to play with !!! Can’t wait to see Mike’s next firefighter workout addition!

  2. Lisa,
    Looks like you all are having too much fun out there! Sorry we missed you last weekend but an 8 hour drive was crazy with the lil’ones but we will do it again very soon! BTW…loving Prescott A WHOLE BUNCH!!!

  3. Carla McDonald says:

    OH MY…Gettin it! Lookin’ goooooood…..DARN goooooooood!

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