Hit the Shoulders From Every Direction!

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IMG_1295 WOD
For time:
  50 Ring Dips
Run 400m

  50 Pushups

Run 400m

  50 Handstand Pushups

Run 400m

Pushups are honest pushups. Handstand pushups are “nose to floor”.

CrossFit Instructional Videos:

Handstand Pushup Band Support, Jeff Tucker …[wmv][mov]

Handstand Pushup Band Support Part II, Jeff Tucker …[wmv][mov]

IMG_1251 IMG_1282IMG_1270 IMG_1266 IMG_1292 IMG_1253 IMG_1254 

The perfect pushup.


  1. Tara’s WOD on WED:
    2 1/2 hours in turnouts and air on a semi truck fire. What was the truck carrying you might ask…??? FRENCH FRIES. Yes my friends i was knee deep (literally)in bad carbs!
    WOD Thursday:
    10:30 pm- 1:00 am Attick fire
    crawling around in an attick space on fire attack then overhaul opperations
    No offense to the gym…but man i love these types of WOD’s! Doesn’t get much more fun for me. 😉

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