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Helen is a prototypical CrossFit workout.  Like Fran, Jackie and a few other of her sisters, she combines functional movements with an otherwise unmatched level of intensity.  Each exercise is completed just as the athlete approaches a level of fatigue that would require a reduction in power.  The effort is then transferred to another movement that similarly taxes the exerciser until they move to the next.  The shifting of mode enables the unrivaled levels of intensity for which CrossFit is known.

Intensity is the independent variable most strongly associated with the favorable adaptation to exercise.








  1. Nice work Jason!! Way to stick with Mike on this one…he is a huge fan of intensity.

  2. Well said Izzy, and well written Mike. Watching you all last night had me so wired it was hard to fall asleep. Only at CrossFit will I ever witness such grit and will like I saw from everyone last night. And every night for that matter. I’m sure it carries over into all that you hardcore CrossFitters do outside the gym. What a gift just to see you all in motion.

  3. Katie B. says:

    Jason, did you stay back from Mike’s heels just a few feet on purpose? It almost looks like you are herding him! 🙂

  4. Its called drafting, and it was working well until the last round when Mike went the other way…think he did it on purpose.

  5. Katie B. says:

    That Mike… he is quick!

  6. It was hard for me to fall asleep also Cullen.Phew!! I love Helen!

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