Happy Birthday, Mike Ray!!

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IMG_9035CrossFit WOD – “MRAY”

In celebration of Mike’s 50th birthday, we commemorated his 50th decade with a true hero workout, because he’s our hero!  This workout represents that movements that Mike is especially good at.  Pulling strength and gymnastics!

For total time:
50 cal Row
Then 5 rounds:
5 Muscle Ups
10 Deadlifts – 275#/185#
IMG_903650 Double Unders

Strength Focus
Light and Fast
5 rounds:
100M Sled Push Sprint followed immediately by 5 High Box Jumps

IMG_8863IMG_8864IMG_8862IMG_8869AWESOMELY FIT AT 50!!!  Thank you for being such a great example of strength, integrity, and commitment to fitness, Mike Ray!  This community appreciates you very much, and all that you represent!

IMG_8779 IMG_8783 IMG_8784 IMG_8787IMG_8800 IMG_8798 IMG_8802IMG_8792 IMG_8804IMG_8806 IMG_8810 IMG_8814IMG_8991 IMG_8822 IMG_8846

Some awesome efforts put out on this biggie today!  Strong work on all of it!  You TOO are becoming fitter!

IMG_8859 IMG_8856IMG_8867 IMG_8874 IMG_8847

This workout may have helped us feel what it feels like to be 50 – back aches, fatigued, loss of coordination, grumpy when asked how it’s going…!  😉

IMG_8876 IMG_8887IMG_8882 IMG_8893 IMG_8922IMG_9009 IMG_8936

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