Gymnastics Seminar

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We hosted a Level 1 Gymnastics certification seminar here at CrossFit Flagstaff this weekend.  What a GREAT weekend!  BIG thanks to Tucker, of GSX Athletics, for sharing his incredible knowledge and giving us so much helpful information, coaching, and techniques we can all take back to our gyms and clients and share with them. 

Missing in the photo: Chris Adams and Priscilla Stewart





  1. Robin’s workouts this weekend:
    Saturday-“Cindy” 12 rounds!
    Sunday-Back Squats -50k x3 (excellent form!)

  2. Special thanks needs to be given to Robin and Patrick for all the filming and photography they did for us this weekend!
    Also, to Casey and Bill for building us another rope/rings cave in time for the cert!
    And, to all those who dedicated their time to help us paint, clean, and get projects completed so the gym was ready for the cert!

  3. It was awesome to watch you guys work this weekend!

  4. Thank you Lisa & Mike for hosting this weekends seminar! It was a great learning something different to bring to our gym. Thanks for pushing us to be better everyday~

  5. It was great to be back in the gym this past week. It was also my pleasure to help out. I really enjoyed watching and learning during the cert and hopefully I can put some of that to good use soon.

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