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CrossFit Benchmark WOD -"Grace"

30 reps For Time of:

Demo video of "Grace" with Power Cleans.
Demo video of "Grace" by Greg Amundson and Dave Leys.
Demo video of Clean-Push Press-Push Jerk-Split Jerk


  1. There is debate about what “as rx’d” means for this workout. Should one do squat cleans or is it acceptable to do power cleans? Is an less strict lift that moves the bar overhead (perhaps even faster) acceptable?
    There are videos on the CrossFit site of Greg Amundsen doing the workout both ways. There is a video of a firefighter doing the workout in world record time with moves that maybe don’t even qualify as Olympic lifts, though he meets the basic requirement that the bar starts on the ground and finishes locked out overhead for each rep.
    My view is that all these workouts are legitimate. They all have training value. As long as the workout is performed in a safe and functional manner, and the work is done, it counts. You just need to accurately represent what you did when you post your time.
    With that last point in mind, and looking at my form in the picture above, maybe I shouldn’t give myself credit for performing proper jerks…
    Nice work, crew!

  2. Did Chloe’s Deadlift Workout

  3. Cullen, Where have you been??

  4. Amanda,
    Thank you so much for noticing. I’ve been doing the night shift thing. Can’t wait to hear about the Gladiators, and you know… I’ll be the one opening the door at 6am a couple times this week. Join me!!!
    CrossFit HouseWive’s (or husbands)
    21-15-9 Overhead squats and Pullups
    Heidi: 33# and jumping pu 3:30
    Cullen: 80# 5:00
    …they wouldn’t let us do Grace, so we just dropped the weight from over head as often and as loudly as possible.
    Classic soft rock barring in the backround…

  5. Rebel! Love it!

  6. Cullen, I think many of us have noticed not having you around bud – time you get back…it’s just not the same without ya! 😉
    However, wow – can’t get over how many people have been showing up – holy smokes! I may have to draw a ticket soon…

  7. Why wouldn’t they let you do grace? Where are you working out??

  8. some Fascist, Communist, self-proclaimed “gym” which has no idea what it is to really exercise.

  9. Commonly known as: FAC
    no overhead stuff….which was the real joke because Heidi and I literally were doing “Over Head Squats”
    Silly gym, tricks are for kids.

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