Got Pickles?

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For you bread eaters…

most of us cannot seem to simply cut bread and refined carbohydrates
from our daily lives, we must look for alternatives to deal or
counteract the harmful, yet delicious, spikes in both blood glucose and
insulin levels.  In a brief description of the infamous crossfit health
teeter totter, we have glucogons or our mobilizers of energy and
insulin on the other side, which acts as our storage centers. When we
eat a heavy carb diet, we get a high insulin response, which over time
as the teeter totter continually swings in favor of complete insulin
responses we are susceptable to such diseases as hyper insulinism which can ultimately lead to insulin resistance and type II diabetes, exciting!

to the issue at hand, since we as avid Zoners or Paleo eaters, already
grasp refined carbs as players that wreak havoc on performance and
appearance, yet we cant seem to remove them. Thus a short term solution
has presented itself, this being vinegar. Through the introduction of
vinegar based condiments, ie; pickles, lemon juice, red wine vinegar,
apple cider vinegar, and such.  In brevity, if you must eat a sandwich
go ahead and throw that oil and vinegar and even some pickles on there,
not only are you going to add those omega-3 fats, but the vinegar will
act as an inhibitor, limiting the spike in insulin levels and lowering
your blood glucose levels over the measurable period. get creative …

courtesy CrossFit Coronado

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