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IMG_3694IMG_3697CrossFit WOD – “Weightlifting Monday”
A) Build to a heavy set of 3 Push Press
B) Build to a heavy set of 2 Push Jerk
C) Build to a heavy single Split Jerk

Strength Focus
50′ Overhead Carry – with bands and Kettle bells
5×50′ , increase weight each time

The classic article, “What is Fitness?” by Greg Glassman is a staple of CrossFit theory and practice.  One of the models that helps us illustrate and present the definition of fitness establishes that Fitness is a measure of our health.

What is Fitness, really?  From the view of sickness/wellness, Fitness is just an advanced state of wellness, and a hedge against sickness. Sickness is the absence of fitness. It is the ability to function with a high quality of life and independence.  This doesn’t apply as much to sniffles as it does to degenerative diseases. In essence, it’s difficult for grandma to break her hip if she’s got the bone density and connective tissue strength of Conan the Barbarian from three decades of weight training.  It can also apply to catastrophes. Fitness is a hedge against sickness and catastrophes.  Check out Miranda Oldroyd’s story, coming back from a broken neck.


Foundations class working on foot position, mechanics, body position for the Jerk. On their way to establishing greater Fitness – a hedge against Sickness, and even the commonality of “Wellness”.

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Dylan can tell us a thing or 2 about creating a strong hedge against sickness. His fitness has given him an incredible edge in his life. Strong work, Dylan! You’re an inspiration every day!!!!

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Welcome to Caitlin, joining our community as she moves here from Phoenix.  She is a Level 1 CrossFit trainer as well!

Applicable life musings from a friend….thank you Darrel White (aka Bingo)!

3 D’s. For the past 3 days I have been spending the daylight hours with Grampbingo as he struggles to recover from a life-threatening illness. It has been an eye-opening experience, to say the least. One of my take-homes is that Coach Glassman is right: the battle is against decrepitude, because that is the only one of the 3 D’s of aging over which we truly have any control.

Dementia, delirium, and decrepitude. This is the kind of 3-D no one wants. Dementia is the disease in which some progressive trauma is inflicted on the brain and results in physical changes that alter brain function. Delirium is the brain’s response to these traumas, the creation of a narrative to explain any event that is the least bit confusing or new. Decrepitude, as we know, is the end-result of dis-use of our physical body resulting in the inability to perform the functional movements of daily life.

Delirium may or may not be permanent; it is, after all, an adaptive reaction which, although negative, demonstrates the plasticity of the brain. The best one can do with Dementia is hope for a full stop, hope for the cessation of whatever insults are hurled at the brain. There is little one can do over a lifetime, at least little that we know, to steel oneself against the ravages of Dementia and Delirium.

But Decrepitude, ah now that’s a different story altogether. The battle against decrepitude starts as soon as you start to move in a purposeful, planned manner to train your body. To build strength, power, and endurance. These may actually be the magic elixir that pushes against Dementia and Delirium, but we know for certain that if we are more able physically we will be better able to persevere. Imagine how much more is the psychic trauma of Delirium if you cannot raise yourself up, cannot walk away. It’s frightening to watch when the realization that you are unable to help yourself becomes the only thing that you know is real.

In the end I hope that I know where I am, what I am doing, and where I am going, though I realize I may have nothing but hope to offer in this regard. But I’ll be able to do and to go because I fight decrepitude here, chez CrossFit. The fight against Decrepitude starts today.

If you can lift the bar through the movements you did today, you are well on your way to maintaining freedom.  Freedom from decrepitude because you can do things for yourself, live in your own home, and function a highly rewarding and independent life well into older age.

Keep lifting! Keep DOING functional movement!  The quality and longevity of your life will increase exponentially.

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