Starting Is Really Easy

1st: Call or Use our form to the right to schedule your first FREE Introduction to Crossfit

Call us at: 928-275-2175

2nd: Free Intro

This is a 1-on-1 private session, in which we will evaluate your fitness level. Come in 5-10 minutes early and fill out the Waiver and Intro form. We’ll take you through a specialized warm-up to start the evaluation process. Next, skill training, to evaluate the level of training you will need, and finally, the workout. After which we’ll go over the next course of action for you and the associated investment, which means we’ll hand you the price sheet and answer your questions. Don’t waste our time and we won’t waste yours. We are the most expensive gym in the area, but there’s a reason for it. You’re receiving coaching here, not just a walk-in open gym. What is the price tag on your health & fitness?

3rd: Intro Program

Everyone new to CrossFit Flagstaff will enter into our Intro Program in order to learn basic competency in our foundational movements, correct form, proper technique, full range of motion, intensity, and consistency. Those that have CrossFit & Olympic weightlifting experience, are healthy & active, may attempt to Test-Out of the Intro Program.

Intro Program Options:

12 Session Privates

Sessions are 1 hr, 1-on-1, and include warm-up, skill training, workout, and nutrition talk. Food log and homework completion required. You and your trainer set the date and times for sessions. Must be used within 2 months. Can be repeated.

6 Session Fast-Track

Sessions are 1 hr and 1-on-1, they include skill training ONLY. Eligible participants MUST be healthy & active, and currently training regularly. Eligibility will be determined solely by a CrossFit Flagstaff Coach. If eligible, you and your trainer set the dates & times for sessions. Sessions must be used within 3 weeks.


This is a 1 hr Test based on the 12-part curriculum of the Foundation Program. Test is pass or fail. You MUST have CrossFit & Olympic Weightlifting experience (that means the snatch and the clean & jerk). A pass will graduate you to CrossFit group classes and a fail will require you to either make up the deficiencies with private sessions or join an On Ramp course. Eligibility for the Test is determined by a CrossFit Flagstaff Coach.

4th: CrossFit Group Classes

Classes start promptly on the scheduled hour and include warm-up, skill training & practice, and then the WOD (workout of the day). This is where training enters the realm of sport and the competition begins. Classes are intense, challenging, and fun. Must graduate from the Intro Program or Test-Out of it.