Getting Started


We welcome anyone to attend our Saturday 9:00am classes.  This class is tailored to the individual who would like to try a workout, get a feel for CrossFit, and learn how we coach and operate at CrossFit Flagstaff.  This fun class setting is a great option if you’re intrigued by CrossFit but perhaps a little bit intimidated.  Don’t worry, we know what it’s like!  Each visit is a $15 drop-in fee.

If you are unable to make the weekend class, you can schedule a free 1-on-1 Intro according to your schedule.  Call 928-225-5547 or fill out the form on the right side of this page to schedule that appointment with one of our fabulous and knowledgeable trainers.


We start all of our athletes with a Foundations Course.  The Course is offered in a small group or private setting.

Our Foundations Course is top-notch – you will leave knowing proper and safe technique and good form, how to do a kipping pull-up and lift a barbell, and confident that you’re ready to join group classes.

The Course delivers on teaching and familiarizing you with the movements used in group class, introduces you to workouts of increasing intensity and difficulty, starts you on the path toward nutrition that will support fitness and health, and gets you to the point where you are ready to join the group classes.

GROUP FOUNDATIONS COURSE A minimum 12-session small group class offered 4 times a week. Group courses are offered at 6:00pm Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday nights.  Includes Saturday 9:00am classes and CORE classes on Thursday and Sunday. $150
PRIVATE FOUNDATIONS COURSE (1-ON-1) 6 1-hour personal training sessions scheduled at times that work for you.  Includes Saturday 9:00am classes and CORE classes on Thursday and Sunday. $330
PRIVATE FOUNDATIONS COURSE (2-ON-1) Want to get started with a friend?  This is a great option, still allowing more personal and focused training, but shared cost for the 6 sessions. Includes Saturday 9:00am classes and CORE classes on Thursday and Sunday. $480


After completing the Foundations Course you’re set to join CrossFit Flagstaff with a monthly membership and attend group classes. Group classes include the CrossFit Workouts of the Day (WOD) and specialty classes and events.

Remember what it felt like to be part of a team? There’s a tangible feeling of camaraderie, accountability, and shared effort that invigorates and inspires us to push beyond what we can accomplish on our own.  Our daily class schedule offering is extensive.

Come play for our team.

Experienced CrossFitters

If you are an experienced CrossFitter who would like to join CrossFit Flagstaff, great! We are thrilled to welcome you. Every member, regardless of fitness level, must participate on our Foundations course. However, if you are already familiar with CrossFit methodologies and have trained in another certified location, we will ask that you go through CrossFit Flagstaff’s Test-Out Session.  This is a $45 fee that will be applied to your membership if you sign up upon completion.  During this session you will be given a tour of the gym and our website.  You will be required to demonstrate full range of motion in all movements, show understanding of most foundational CrossFit movements, and share your goals that you’d like to be training for.  The expectations of being a member of the CrossFit Flagstaff community will be clearly defined.  Then, you’ll be ready to jump into our classes, with each of us knowing one another!