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So about a month ago (9/12 to be exact) I started the Zone and was pretty good about sticking to it with a few cheats here and there. About 3 weeks after i started i was competing in a 3 day long adventure race in Moab. I live for races like this, but i knew that three days of pretty much non stop racing around the clock wasn’t going to be a ZONE friendly atmosphere. During a race such as this anything and everything that i can get my hands on to eat goes down the hatch. Sometimes you crave salty things and sometimes sweet so worring about blocks and no sugar was not going to work for me. Although there were  foods that definately did not fit into the ZONE there were many things that did. I pack a lot of nuts: pistachios, and cashews (my 2 favorites), we made wraps with turkey, cheddar, and guaq. (not horrible) and man did those taste good, lots of string cheese was consumed as well. The old stand by when racing…PB&J always easy to choke down when you are not hungry but know you need to take in some calories or you are going to bonk big time. (Ok so the jelly and white bread are not exactly "choice carbs") These get pretty much smashed due to being in your pack for long periods of time and thus…easy to consume with little chewing effort.

In transition areas chicken or beef with veggies was a staple over some sort of pasta with very high in calorie sauce. You look forward to these warm meals for hours on end while trudging to check point after check point. So many carbs were consumed in various forms during the three day adventure. Oh, and did i mention the piece of apple pie i had after the race. Man did it taste good.

So now that the race is over it has taken about a week to get back into  good ZONE eating habits again. All of the race food still lingers on the pantry shelves at home. Stocking back up on veggies, fruits and easy to grab proteins for snacks…

With the cold weather i am in a chili and soup mood, anyone have any good  ZONE friendly soup/chili recipies to share? 

off to make some lunch…


  1. Nice, Tara! I just want to say, that your food choices during your race are actually pretty great. You ate protein (meats and cheeses) and good fat (nuts, peanute butter, and guacamole). During big, long efforts like that, you will actually need more carbs for your energy burn. For the most part, is sounds like you got pretty decent carbs. Your quantities can be higher because your output is greatly increased. I’m guessing you burned more calories than you took in, so reward yourself with that piece of pie! The fact that you were even aware of what you were eating and made some good choices in your prep of what foods you bought and chose ahead of time speaks volumes of your willingness to try to eat well.

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