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This coming Sunday is CrossFit Flagstaff's version of the CrossFit Games triathlon, entailing an adventure on lake, dirt, and trails!  The gym will be closed for all regularly scheduled classes and we encourage everyone to come out and participate at any part, distance, or level you want/can!  If you want to help out by volunteering to be along the course and cheer or transport bikes, that would be great as well.  Just let us know.

In order to anticipate the number of athletes we will be working with, please RSVP that you're planning to be there and what you are planning to do in this WOD.

Mountain Adventure Triathlon Details:

  • Meet at Lake Mary pavilion between 8:30-8:45 a.m. for a 9:00 a.m. start.  $6 per vehicle parking/use fee.  Carpool if you are able to accommodate more than one bike.
  • Run 400m to dock, Swim 700m or 350m (shorter than our 400m gym run distance!) along the length of the shore.  Swim will be close to shore so people can stand up or exit quickly, if needed.  Paddle boarders and kayaks will also be on the water for assistance and encouragement.  Fins are encouraged, wetsuits are allowed.
  • Bike 8k (5 miles) from Lake Mary pavilion, North on Lake Mary road, and up to Marshall Lake area.  Most of the ride is paved with about 1 mile on dirt road.  Mountain bikes are encouraged, but a road bike can make it with some possible walking needed on parts of the dirt road.
  • Run 11k or 5k on dirt road and trail.  The trail is moderately challenging with rocky single track.  The 11k will be almost entirely on this trail and will potentially be a bit muddy, depending on how much rain there is, but GREAT views and a fun adventure run!  The 5k will be on some dirt road and part of this trail, turning around at the rim that overlooks Lake Mary so you can also get some great views and trail running.  Wear good running shoes and bring a long sleeve shirt in case of rain.
  • If you're not interested in participating in all or any of this, but want to be out on the roads and trails for support, we would love to see you all out on Saturday! 

Gear recommended:

Swim:  flip flops to "run" to dock, swimsuit, goggles, fins
Swim to Bike transition:  quick food and drink, towel

Bike:  helmet, shorts, shirt, socks, shoes, sunglasses, possible light jacket or LS shirt (weather dependent)
Bike to Run transition:  quick food and drink

Run:  trail running shoes, water bottle, Gu packet if you want

Games Week class schedule:

After the long-duration effort on Sunday's triathlon,

  • Monday will be open at normal class hours for Strength Focus, Nuts and Bolts, and class times will be open for mobility and skill work that we typically see on Sundays. 
  • Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday will have 2 workouts programmed each day, from the CF Games individual and team workouts.  The first workout will be performed during the morning classes through the noon hour, the 2nd starts at the 3:00 class and goes through the evening classes.  All are scalable, as usual.  No Strength Focus classes will be held these 3 days, but Nuts and Bolts will still be available.
  • Friday will be rest/mobility/make-up day.

Free Saturday

Saturday the 11th will be August Free Saturday and we will be performing an annual CrossFit Flagstaff memorial workout for Eric Lindstrom, a local police officer who died in military combat in August 2009.  The local police department is invited to come to the gym and workout with us, once again, in memorial of one of their own.



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  1. Christine Tucci says:

    If you need more volunteers let me know. I can stay til about 3pm.

  2. Heather Taylor says:

    I am RSVPing. Will be doing the 1/2 on Sunday. See you soon.

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