Fury Here We Come!

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Our official, finalized list of 17 teams for Furious 6, Saturday November 9th!!!!

Sarah B. and Megan P.
RingOfFire_1600x1200Katie L. and Holly
Kevin L. and Stephanie
Brodie and Kenny
Tara and Lisa
Jesse and Ingrid
David K. and Steven
David W. and Lance
Krista and Vicky
Sara J. and Julie
Karry and Jen
Audrey and Scott
Zach and Rachel
Josh and Danielle
Dan and Chelsey                                                                              CFF FIRE!!
Heather and Lindsay
Jake and Dave O.


  1. We are excited to see everyone from Flagstaff. If anyone is coming down to watch and would like to judge we could use the help.

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