Friday, February 22

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1.  Deadlift

2.  Team Prowler
Teams of 4 complete an AMRAP 20 of:
20m Prowler Push, 135/90  -weight of prowler not included.
If here is snow on the ground, the Prowler weights assume you are doing this inside on a rubber floor.  
If you are doing this outside or on concrete use 275/185#.  
If you are doing this solo use a 1:4 work to rest ratio.


  1. 5 RM Dead – 365
    WOD – 67 reps for a team of 4

  2. ACTIVE REST: At work- busy busy! Was hoping to get this WOD in, but no chance. Was able to get the deadlifts in on 2-23.
    Deadlift 5RM: 266#
    No time to do the sled/tire drags.

  3. Teamed with Ben J, Tara, and Jesse – 90# on the prowler for Tara and I, Ben J for 1/2 of the pushes, 135# for Jesse.
    67 pushes in 20 min. = 16.8 pushes per person

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