Friday, February 1

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1.  4 Rounds of:
Max unbroken tng cleans 225/155
1 min rest between rounds.

2.  Lil' bit bigger"Filthy 50"
50 Box Jumps, 24/20 – games standards
50 Jumping Pullups
50 KBS, 53/35
50 Walking Lunges
50 TTB
50 Push Press, 65/45
50 Back Extensions
50 Wall Balls, 20/14
50 Burpees
50 Double Unders



If you dive head first into a goal, you cannot have a back up plan. Having a back up plan implies that you expect to fail, and that is unacceptable. This can be applied to all walks of life, whether you are striving to be a dad, operator, or the next CrossFit champion. You must commit 100% to the goal at hand, and through thick and thin, fight for whatever it is you are striving for. At all cost, do not let negative influences or a bad day deter your from that goal because it is YOU who controls your destiny. So, whether you are 5, 25 or 50 years old, find something to go after and commit to it. This not only gives you something to train for, but also direction, and without direction we are lost.


  1. Tng cleans – 4,3,2,3
    Filthy 50 – 27:17

  2. Tng cleans – 2 per round Rx’d
    WOD – 30:37 Rx’d comp

  3. Rest day
    It’s funny how life seems to intervene when it needs to…
    My grandma had a stroke scare and was hospitalized for observation last night. She was released this morning, and I went down to the valley to be with her. Needless to say, training took a back seat today.

  4. Done on 2.6.13
    Cleans: 4-3-3-4
    Filthy 50: 25:13 (24″ box, KTE- gym standards)

  5. Did regular Filthy 50. The weights that are listed for women in this one are the weights we have always used in our own F50, so the comparison was apples to apples. Stayed with the 24″ box, as per usual standards for us, and stayed with KTE instead of TT2, as KTE are much harder for me, and it gave me a normal comparison.

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