Friday, August 30

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1.  Skills
Odd:  3-5 Squat Therapy
Even:  3-5 Muscle ups

Squat therapy – don’t skimp on these!!
If you want to improve your Front Squat, your Snatch, 
your Overhead Squat, your Pistols, your Jerk, or your fear of public speaking
Squat therapy is the cure all.

Remember, practice isn’t enough.  Make it your practice mindful and purposeful.  
This is not easy, don’t fall into the trap of taking the easy way out.
1.  No movement of the feet – they tend to turn out for many of us.
2.  No bending the arms.
3.  Hands together.

2. Strength Focus – Push Press

3. Gym Agility/Jump Work

4. Gym WOD –  “Sgt. Slaughter”

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