Friday, August 16

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1. Strength Focus – Pressing
2. Gym Jump Work
3. Gym WOD – Team Ascending Chipper

Warm up
Before you train you need to get ready mentally and physically.  This should include (in order)…
General warm up – full body movements through a full rang of motion.
Mobility work – break up sticky spots, improve mobility around joints and muscle quality, improve postioning
Specific warm up – if you are going for a 1RM snatch – do some PVC or technique work or the Burgener warm up with and empty barbell.
Mental preparation – spend 5 minutes visualizing your training session and what you want to take away from the training.  Remind yourself why you do this and why you enjoy it.

Cool Down
This is one of the most important times for the mental side of your training.  Immediately after your WOD is the time to reassess the positives from your session – not second guess your efforts, strategy or ability.  Tell yourself that you are happy with your effort, reaffirm that the stimulus you got is going to make you a better athlete, and convince yourself that you loved the pain.  This will become a self-fulfilling prophecy and you will perform better and become mentally stronger in your training and competition.
A good rule of thumb is to have your cool down last for 20 minutes minus the time of your metcon.  For example, if you did “Fran” and it took you 3 mins, your cool down should last for 17 more minutes.  If you did “Nancy” and it took you 12 minutes, your cool down would be 8 minutes.
General cool down – Bringing your heart rate back to normal gradually, allowing things to get flushed out properly.  Rowing, walking or the airdyne are good options.
Specific cool down – Foam Roll AND Stretch the worked muscles and joints.

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