Free Saturday – Runner Sets the Pace

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Welcome to our July Free Saturday event! It was great to have so many join us, try out something new, and expose themselves to an adventure outside the norms of your life.  At CrossFit Flagstaff we believe in the power of community and showing you what you are capable of.  Today, as with every day at the gym, I see people inspired, learning, and overcoming.  It’s a beautiful thing.


Teams of 4, Max Reps in 15 minutes from:

Station 1 -Run 250m
Station 2 -Box Jumps
Station 3 -Pushups
Station 4 -Kettlebell Swings
-1.5 pood M/1 pood W

  • The runner is the pace-setter.
  • One team member will be at each station, attempting to perform as many reps as possible while the runner is out.
  • Team members can only count reps while the pace-setter is performing the run.
  • As soon as the pace-setter has finished the run, everyone rotates to the next station.
  • Everyone resumes counting reps once the new-pace setter is in motion.

Keep a running tally of reps at each station, passing it on to the next rotation.  Total score is total reps for the team.


The Power of Community

Here are 6 powerful reasons not to go it alone:

1. Collective wisdom. No one person ever has all of the answers, and regardless of the amount of Google-fu you may have, consulting with experts is always going to give you better information.

IMG_8233 IMG_8297

2. Pushing our limits. When working alone, it’s oftentimes too easy to give up when things get hard. By surrounding yourself with others working toward a similar goal or objective, you’ll get motivation, support, and friendly competition to push yourself just a bit further than you would have done on your own.

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3. Support and belief. Some days those big goals just seem impossible. On those days when you most want to give up, you need to lean on your community the most. They believe in you—probably more than you belief in yourself.

IMG_8294 IMG_8268

4. New ideas. When you are working within a community of like-minded people that the wisdom of crowds is considerably greater than any one person working alone. Our divergent world views and lenses mean that we all approach the exact same problem slightly differently.

IMG_8272 IMG_8292

5. Borrowed motivation. Even on those days when your belief in yourself isn’t waning, doing what needs to get done can seem overwhelming. Look around your community and be inspired!

IMG_8285 IMG_8274

6. Accountability. If you’re an uber-responsible person you may not want to admit to the people you care about, those who are pulling for you, that something didn’t get done. There’s nothing like having to be accountable to others to up your game.

IMG_8265Tiny Buddha

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