Free Saturday Class

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Looks like clear skies and sunshine for free Saturday morning class at 9 a.m April 5!
Maybe we’ll be outside…


  1. Mike, if you went out of your way to say something…I’m slightly worried.
    Should I bring snow shoes? Ski poles? Fire gear? A hatchet? Wool socks at least?

  2. Cullen,
    Bring your hatchet. Definitely.
    And your kilt.

  3. Katie B. says:

    April 5 CrossFit in Costume? Dang, I JUST donated all of my Scottish garb to charity, thinking that I wouldn’t need it anymore.

  4. I woke up this morning and literally couldn’t move. Hatchet by the door, several napkins sown together for kilt. Stuck. Bed ridden. Isolated. I made it to the computer and I feel like Alexander Supertramp from Into The Wild. I will now hunt down a smoothie…I hope you all had fun “outside”.

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