Free Saturday – Cullen’s Escape

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3,2,1…                                                 Go!

Sara and Jason brought Dani and Autumn, Casey brought Sara T., and Cullen and Heidi brought his sister, Jordan today to introduce them to CrossFit !  Great to meet all of you and nice work to the whole crew today! 
Casey and James, we’re looking forward to having you join the group classes this coming week, now that you’ve basically finished your private intro sessions.  Nice work!


  1. Just thought I’d drop a line, say hello, and say I registered for the running/endurance cert for the 30th.
    I’ve been in Flag a few times in the past couple months, but have never had much time to stop by the box and see how things are going.
    Hoping to get up there to “conquer” Humphreys Peak some time in Sept; last time I got lost in the snow in May 🙂
    Anyways, looking forward to checking out your facility and getting my running in order.
    Cheers from Phoenix,
    – Elliot

  2. How many people can you fit in that gym, anyway? After a long, painful slide into atrophy and management induced dispair, I’m mounting a quiet comeback from the southern shores of the Salton Sea. Joining me (hopefully) will be a myriad of soon to be cult members, like yourselves.
    Lost in SoCal WOD: 5X5
    5 rounds of 20 each: pushup, overhead squat with ten pound bar (s’all I got right now), sit ups, slam ball (12 pound ball, again, using what I got), walking lunges.
    Sean: 26:40
    Lisa: 25:18 (after first round, dropped to 10 each, scaled as first time Crossfitting, almost threw up twice!!)
    Tomorrow, strong possibility of having a group of 4! Keep your callused and disgusting fingers crossed for the impending birth of REACH NUEVO XFIT.

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