“FRAN” Celebrates Eileen’s Birthday!

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IMG_9213CrossFit Benchmark WOD – "Fran"

21-15-9 Rep Rounds For Time of:

  • Thrusters -95# M/65# W
  • Pullups

Compare to Dec 2010 Day 1, Day 2                         
                                                                             What "Fran" might look like!

IMG_4009Original "Fran'ers" -Greg and Annie [wmv]
Fran by Christy, Primal Fitness [wmv][mov]
Fran -CrossFit Hardcore Seminar Part 2 [wmv][mov]
Fran, 1:53, Jason Kaplan [wmv][mov]
Fran sub-2:00, Miguel Flores [wmv][mov]
Fran – 2:02, Josh Bridges [wmv][mov]
Fran – 2:05, Speal [wmv][mov]
Fran -2:19, Brett Marshall [mov]
Fran, Mikko Salo [wmv][mov]

IMG_9193 IMG_9205 IMG_9186

Welcome to your first class (and 1st Fran!), Berkely!


This is what Fran feels like. The edges go blurry & the walls start closing in.

IMG_9180 IMG_9206

IMG_3087 IMG_3264

Happy Birthday, Eileen!!!


  1. How awesome this year has been! Celebrating my wedding with Crossfit Flagstaff and my birthday with CF Flag and Fran.
    Does it get any better?
    Thanks for being the best, and inspiring me to be the same.

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