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Img_5279 CrossFit Benchmark WOD -Fran
For Time:
21-15-9 Rep Rounds of:

Img_5270 Img_5266 Img_5275
A year ago today, Amanda did this workout.  She did thrusters at 53 lb. and her pullups were done in the heavy green band, finishing in 11 minutes and 37 seconds.  Exactly one year later, Amanda completed Fran as prescribed- 65 lb. Thrusters and FULL kipping Pullups, in exactly 2 minutes less at 9:37!!!  AWESOME WORK, GIRL!!!  That is dedication, commitment, and motivation shown through practice and consistency with outstanding results!  You are a true testament and a GREAT example for everyone, Amanda!  Keep up the strong work, everyone! 
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  1. Lincoln Brigham says:

    Great going Amanda! And Coach Lisa too!

  2. Cullen and Heidi says:

    We just think this story is amazing. Congratulations. Really.

  3. This is Why they didn’t choose Amanda as a gladiator…she would KICK THEIR ASSES!!! and what fun would that be for their ratings? YOU ROCK GIRL!!!

  4. wyoming says:

    Amanda…you are sooo strong…you kick ass!
    Adrian looks like he is stretching out!

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