“Fran” with a Kick

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Stephanie Carl demonstates great form on the thruster and full concentration in the pullups and sled pull.  She is going to be an awesome fire fighter!



For Time:
21-15-9 rep rounds
Thrusters (95lb. for men, 65lb. for women)

Kick (for time):
Drag 110lb. Sled for 200′


Stephanie (45lb., jumping pullups)  6:05, Sled 2:21
Tara (45lb., band assist pullups) 6:15  Sled 1:30
Mike (95lb., kipping pullups) 4:29, Sled 0:30
Lisa (65lb., kipping pullups) 7:43, Sled 1:40


  1. Great job today guys! Stephanie, glad you could join us. Hope your schedule allows you to come “play” with us more often!
    I will miss you guys and the awesome workouts while I am briefly on the east coast. Rest up so we can play hard when I return!!! =)

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