Fire Fighter Chipper!

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  • 50 Sledgehammer Strikes (10 lb.)
  • 70m Tire Drag (100 lb.)
  • 15 Pike Pole Hoists (45 lb. bar)
  • 40m Dummy Drag (140 lb.)
  • 20 Hurst Tool Clean and Push Press
  • 70m Farmer’s Walk (75lb. DB’s M, 55lb. W)

Compare to April 2007 and May 2007

LOTS of people doing the FF Chipper for the 1st time today!  And, one using it for back surgery rehab, and another returns from a month away and shows us what it means to dig in and show some serious tenacity, determination, and her fighting CrossFit spirit!

Addie                                Cullen                              Steve
Patty                               John Tuitele                      Everett
Img_0353_2 Img_0363_2Img_0375_2Img_0378_2

J.P.                                 Buck                                Amanda-RockStar!


  1. Kicked my butt. Thanks.
    You high altitude types just don’t quit. Love the emotional energy I get everytime I’m around you. Admittedly, it comes at quite a cost physically.
    Said it tonight and I’ll say it again to all the evening gang – way to hang in there and finish, particularly Amanda at full dose and refusing to quit. You guys rock.
    See you at the cert in a couple of weeks.

  2. Such a great cast of characters today: Fire-Fighter Buck, RockStar Amanda, Huge Steve, Pukie, and that great picture of John pulling “grandma”

  3. The way my #’s are going, I will be hitting 15 min next time I run this one, now I have a chronic cough and my aspirations as a fire fighter are fizzling 😛

  4. SWEET! I’m stealing this one. very cool.

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