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Isabelle participated in yet another fight of 3 rounds after a bit of rest! 2nd fight total score=204 w/36 lb. SDLHP
Img_5838 Img_5858 Img_5840 Img_5870 Img_5872

Awesome form on those SDLHP’s, Amanda!  Good fight today!

See updated photos on Fight Gone Bad photo album.


  1. Hey, check out all those people! Looks like the Place To Be! Cool.

  2. Hey! Carrie is from CrossFit Eastside in Seattle! Awesome, awesome gal. Check out their website too, they always have lots of good info on it.

  3. Sure was fun for my second ever Crossfit workout. I can hardly walk today my legs are so sore! 🙂 Cya monday.

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