Fight Off Your Midgets

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1. Snatch
    OTM 9 x 1 Rep at 75%

2. 5 Rounds For Time:
      20 Burpees
      20 Kettlebell Swings -1.5 Pood M/1 Pood W


Mental Approach to a WOD—Becoming a Stronger Athlete

21-15-9; 20 minute AMRAP; 5 rounds for time; Filthy Fifty; 3, 2, 1….GO! Your mind goes blank. This happens to many
athletes before a MetCon because at times we worry so much about the
outcome and not the process of the performance. It is important that
athletes take the pre-WOD very important because this is the time that
can enhance the results by how you mentally prepare. Athletes who tend
to come out on top are not always the strongest, fastest, or most
skilled, but truly understand the importance of the mental game. They
have an edge over their opponents. I want you to try something next time
you are about to do a WOD…look at the MetCon…ask yourself:

-What is my goal?
-What energy system is this MetCon targeting?
-How will I pace myself?
-What are my strengths, my weaknesses in this MetCon?
-Where is the best place to save energy?
-When can I make my best move to help my time?

Begin to see yourself in the
MetCon…the movements…the pain…your heart beat…take a deep breath and
say, “Okay, I am ready.” Begin to experiment with the Pre-WOD…see what
works best for you…to help you become more aware of the process and not
fully focus on the end result…you can’t cross the river with one giant
step…it takes stepping stones…one at a time…

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