February Challenge Announcement

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still amazing to me that the jar of jelly is sitting on the shelf in
the fridge, and hasn't become the main object of my affection (with
peanut butter of course), since January 4th. The box of zone bars are
also kind of like the 8th wonder of the world. They are still there,

I don't know about the rest of you, but this month was just about
eating the right KINDS of foods. I am sure I have not mixed them
correctly and am still indulging some bad habits in the way I eat.

Does anyone want to make Feb. the month to create better mixes?



Eileen!  Funny you should ask…THAT is EXACTLY this next month's
challenge!  THE ZONE.  Weighing and measuring your food.  Finding out
just exactly HOW MUCH you are eating, WHAT you are eating, and how to
balance out that blood sugar with all of it!  You will likely be
shocked at just how little of some of your chosen foods will really be
too much.  You will likely be shocked at how much of good quality foods
you can have for the very same affect on your body.  Now is the time to
learn.  Many of you have been AWESOME in your focus and adherence to NO
SUGAR in the month of January.  Don't blow the foundation you have laid
now.  Continue the work you have put into a better diet by starting to
learn more about the other foods you eat, how to balance your blood
sugar through eating protein, carbohydrate, and fat in the presence on
one another in proper porportions.

may choose to eat sugar this month, that is your choice, but you have
to weigh and measure it into you food schedules and be sure you get
just enough to maintain your carbohydrate intake, and no more.  You
want chocolate?  Then, be sure you eat just enough for your meal or
snack requirement and eat it with your chicken and avocado!


We will have a sign up sheet at the gym on Tuesday.  This is your last week of the No Sugar Challenge, so please be sure to bring in your food logs on Monday and we will finish this Challenge and begin our next one!


  1. After a full day of learning about the “zone”, I am committed to the paleo for at least another month. I congradulate all of you who went the extra mile this month and consumed no sugar. I’m sorry to see January go….

  2. RyDiggidyDawg says:

    Cheat Meal/Day???? How often for the challenge or are we talking 100% Zone Nirvana?

  3. Aaaah, Robin, but you are moving on to more and more PR’s and successes!
    I will give bonus points to those who Zone Paleo!
    2 weeks without a cheat day. Then, 1 cheat day a week.

  4. Um… hmmm…. scratching head….
    OK.. I’m in!
    I am in Paradise Valley with my business partner who is a size 0. No joke. While I don’t aspire to that, I am wondering if the correct mix of foods will, once and for all, stop the midsection jiggle.
    I also wondered that a few times this month whilst spreading butter on a whole wheat tortilla, eating it, grabbing a couple nuts, then a whopping tablespoon of natural peanut butter, saying – This can’t be what they mean by eating right!
    GAME ON!

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