Sunday, May 5 – Excellence, part 2

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Weight on shoulders squat

Because the squat is physically difficult it yields mental toughness. At near-1RM loads, there will be a spot where you swear you are no longer standing up – time slows, your own pulse drowns out the cheers of your friends, and you are utterly alone with a crushingly heavy weight. At those times, if you can keep straining in the sticking point, you will learn something about your limits. Every second you spend fighting gravity in that spot makes you exponentially tougher. Refusing to be crushed (even if you don't make the lift), you will know you can hold out at least that long the next day you try that weight. 

The ability to resist, to refuse to accept the easier path, is a mental skill that can be applied productively to other aspects of life. Consider squat training to be practice for overcoming daunting odds in other arenas of your life. If you can resist dropping the bar, you can resist quitting, resist a temptation, resist beleiving someone's low opinion of your worth.

Every time you stand up under a heavy bar you prove that you can do difficult things, you can work towards your goal, you can fight evil.

Squat, and you make the world a better place.

Feelin' feisty?

1. Front Squat to a max.

2. Drop about 20 to 30% off the bar and squat up to a heavy three
("heavy three" means the heaviest weight you can do without missing) –
go up by no more than 5 to 10 lb. at a time.

3. Drop about 20 to 30% off of that and do two sets of five with the
best form you can muster, trying to come up as fast out of the hole as
you possibly can.


Sore and tired from a big week?

1. Front Squat to a max.

2. Drop about 20 to 30% off the bar and squat 2 sets of 2 reps.


  1. Chelsey Rumfola says:

    Chelsey’s Front Squats
    185 x 1

  2. Rachel Lewis says:

    Box squats:
    Rachel: 145 x 1
    95 x 3×3
    Zach: 315 x1
    205 x 3×3
    TIRED from Nate today and sore legs.

  3. Front Squat
    115# 1 RM
    65# a few back of sets
    Squats felt really heavy today!! Pretty wiped out.
    A few 65# thrusters and butterfly pullups for regional judges.
    Sleep: 8 hours! (12a to 8am)
    Nutrition: Non-paleo, delicious Indian food dinner last night.

  4. Front Squat 360 for heavy rep
    2×3 – 290 lbs
    2×5 – 250 lbs

  5. Front Squat

  6. Front Squat
    1RM = 160# (5# PR!!!! Finally)
    3×3 – 135-140-145#
    Sleep is improving, had a bit of a cheat with 3 bites of delicious Criollo coconut tres leeches cake and 2 glasses of alcoholic beverages. Stress remains pretty elevated, but getting my first PR on a FS in at least 3 years is a huge shot in the arm!

  7. Lindsay says:

    Low Bar Back Squat
    195 1RM
    No back off sets do to time constraint. Felt very heavy today. Did back squat because Oly Club front squats tomorrow.

  8. Amanda says:

    Front Squat 200#x1 PR
    No back off sets do to time constraint.

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