EVERYONE Is Eligible to Compete in the Open!

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7 Reasons Why YOU Should Do the CrossFit Games Open (Yes, YOU!)

by Niki,
I’m publishing this post on February 26, which means
we are exactly 8 days away from the start of the 2013
CrossFit Games Open. This also means you only have 5 days
left to register for the CrossFit Games Open. Registration
ends on Sunday, March 3. Here’s the link, you can go register for the Games right now. The
competition consists of 5 different workouts spread out over
5 weeks. It’s only $20 to sign up, I’ll wait right

CrossFit Games (click here)

You haven’t registered yet? Why not? Don’t tell me you have
some whiny excuse about how you can’t do pullups yet, or you
hate burpees or you’re afraid of box jumps. Yeah yeah
yeah, I’ve heard that one before. And here’s the
thing about all your excuses: they are ALL really
Seriously, you really just need to go sign up
for the CrossFit Games Open. There’s NO good excuse not to.

Even though it’s extremely unlikely you will win the CrossFit
Games Open, you should still absolutely sign up to compete. I
could think of a thousand reasons why you should do the
CrossFit Games Open, but I’m just going to explain the top 7
reasons you should do this event.

1. You might learn something new about CrossFit.

When I did the CrossFit Games Open in 2012, week 2 of the
competition included some silly snatch workout. You had to do
sets of 30 snatches, with 4 different, increasing weights,
within the 10 minute time limit. So of course that was the
week I decided to learn how to snatch properly. Before that
games workout came out, I really hadn’t cared much about
learning proper snatch technique. My particular box gym
didn’t program the snatch very often, so I never went out of
my way to learn it. But then when that competition workout
came out, I suddenly cared about learning how to do a proper
snatch. I was suddenly nagging my coach to watch my form and
give me feedback, pronto. Within two days, I learned a lot
about how to snatch. I was by no means an expert, but at
least I knew how and where to grip the bar properly.

Which is reason #1 to sign up for the Games. Because
when you sign up for a real honest to goodness
competition, your motivation level to learn suddenly
increases 200%
. Suddenly, you might pay closer
attention in class, you might actually go watch some videos
online, and you might get someone to videotape your
technique. Because suddenly, your form really matters. When
someone is going to time your workout, and your results are
going to get published online, you want to at least make sure
you are using proper technique during the workout.

When you find yourself in a real competition, you’re
instantly motivated to learn everything you can, as fast as
you can.

2. You might learn something about yourself. About what you’re really capable of.

During that same snatch workout from 2012, I started the
workout in a panic. While I had learned the basics of the
snatch, I really didn’t know how much weight I could
consistently lift. 10 minutes is not a very long time, and I
didn’t have a lot of muscle memory to rely on. I predicted I
would get tired very quickly, and I had no idea how many
repetitions I could do in 10 minutes.

The first set of the workout required all women to snatch 45
pounds, 30 times. I cruised through that pretty easily, in
less than 3 minutes. Then I had to snatch 75 pounds. I still
remember how badly I screwed up my first few lifts. I just
couldn’t do it. I literally failed 5 times in a row trying to
snatch 75 pounds. I stared at my friends and they stared back
at me. For a moment I was afraid I just wouldn’t be able to
snatch 75 pounds. But my coach was giving me feedback and I
corrected my form, and I refused to give in to my panic. I
told myself I had to get at least one lift at 75 pounds.

And then on the 6th try, I got it. And I got the 7th try and
then the 8th. And with each consecutive lift, I was learning
how to do the snatch a little bit better. I was getting more
consistent, and then I was repeatedly snatching 75 pounds.

Suddenly I realized I had done 15 snatches, and then 20. I
only had 10 left to go, of the 30 reps with 75 pounds. Time
was running out, but I pushed through my fatigue because 30
reps was now in sight. I was so close I could taste it. I
still remember the last minute of the workout, because I
wanted to rest SO BADLY, but I also wanted to get all 30 reps
done before time ran out. My friends were screaming at me,
and all my attention narrowed to just the barbell and the
clock. All I cared about in the entire world was getting all
30 reps done.

And with just 5 seconds left to go, I finished that 30th rep.
I did it. I had done far better than I had predicted. I never
would have guessed I could get 60 snatches done in 10
minutes, but I did. And that was one highlight of the
competition for me, simply because I learned I could
improve my technique in real time. After missing 5 attempts
with 75 pounds, I went on to finish 30 snatches. And that
feeling was pure awesome.

Which is why you should do the Games. Because when the clock
is running out and your friends are all screaming at you, and
the judge is writing on your scoresheet, you will
find out just exactly how much you can do without passing

I guarantee, you are capable of more than you
And when you sign up for the Games, you’re
bound to find out just exactly how much more you can
accomplish before the clock runs out.

3. You might surprise

During the first week of the 2012 Games, the workout
consisted of 7 minutes of burpees. If you’ve ever done 7
minutes of straight burpees, you’ll remember that experience.
That horrible memory will probably never leave your mind,
because it’s just that traumatic.

And there’s no way to sugarcoat this, but I sucked at that
workout. I’ve never done well at any CrossFit workout that
consists of only 1 movement. So yeah, I sucked, I think I
only finished 85 burpees that week. My memory is hazy, but
that put me near the bottom of the rankings. The act of doing
7 minutes of burpees was horrible, and my results were also

But then week 3 came along. YEAH for week 3! The week 3
workout included box jumps, push press, and toes to bar. Woo
hoo! Now THAT was my kind of workout. I wasn’t going to win
that week, but I wasn’t going to finish at the bottom. Sure
enough, when all my friends got together to do that workout,
I didn’t stink. I cruised through that workout with probably
my best finish of the Games.

After completely sucking at burpees, I surprised myself with
the box jump/push press/toes to bar combo. I redeemed myself!
And so can you. I guarantee it.

And that’s the thing about a competition that is 5 weeks
along – the chances are good that you’ll do well
during at least 1 of the workouts! It’s a statistical
probability that you are good at SOMETHING!

So sign up for the Games, so you can surprise yourself with
whatever movement or skill you happen to be good at.
Everyone is good at something, and you just
might surprise yourself one of the weeks and beat your own

4. You might meet some
new cool people you want to hang out with.

If you are tempted to skip the CrossFit Games and stay home
on the couch instead, you aren’t likely to find any new cool
crazy friends. Because the last time I checked there weren’t
any cool crazy people hanging out on your couch watching TV
and eating Doritos.

Nope, the cool crazy people are hanging out – and working out
– in their garage gym or their local CrossFit box doing
burpees and pullups and pushups.

Many research studies have shown we tend to
mimic the qualities of the 5 people we spend the most time
And if your couch is the person you spend the
most time with, then you are probably soft and plump and
maybe lumpy. Which is just not cool.

Especially when you could just as easily spend your Saturday
morning doing burpees and pullups and pushups with some
badass people. Who are also likely to cheer for you when you
get your first pullup or when you finish your 7 minutes of

If you sign up for the CrossFit Games, then you’ll
find out who else in your neighborhood is committed to
getting stronger and more fit.
And then you can
spend more time with those people, because it’s always fun to
hang out with motivated people who are up for doing something
crazy like 7 minutes of burpees.

5. You might get

When a bunch of my girlfriends and I got together last year
to do the Games workouts together on Saturday mornings, my
friend Holly usually brought her kids to watch. All 6 of
them. Yes they kept themselves entertained and they watched
us do our competition workouts together.

Holly was my friend newest to CrossFit, our brand new
CrossFit convert. And she struggled with some of the
competition workouts. Many of the movements were still new to
her. But you know what?

Holly did all the workouts. She did
all the workouts while her 6 kids watched her. She was –
right then and there – setting an example of how to be an
extraordinary role model.
She didn’t quit, she
didn’t walk away, she just kept doing each and every workout.
No matter how discouraged she was, she didn’t give up.

She showed her kids, and all of her friends, what it
means to have courage and to persevere. Holly was my
friend newest to CrossFit and yet she was the person who
inspired me the most during the 2012 CrossFit Games.

When you sign up to compete in the CrossFit Games, you will
probably find someone around you, in your gym or in your new
group of friends, who inspires you. It might be the mom with
the 6 kids, or it might be the 60 year old grandpa, or it
might be the 17 year old high school kid (Hi Parker!) who
comes to the gym before school every day.

I guarantee you’ll meet someone during the CrossFit
Games Open who demonstrates courage and tenacity, someone who
makes you proud to workout next to them. You’ll meet someone
who inspires you.

And if you’d like, I’ll be happy to introduce you to Holly.

6. You might inspire others.

Then again, you might BE Holly. You might be the brand new
CrossFitter who just joined the gym last month, who still
uses a band to help you do pullups. If you are that person, I
think you are awesome. Because to sign up for new challenge
like the CrossFit Games demonstrates guts and determination
and more than a little bit of faith. Faith in yourself that
you are up for a solid challenge.

You just might be the person who inspires your kids,
or your spouse, or your coworkers or your neighbors. You just
never know who is paying attention to what you do.

But when you sign up to compete, you are showing everyone you
aren’t afraid of a few burpees.

Congratulations on being the type of person willing
to inspire others.

If you are new to CrossFit then I ESPECIALLY encourage you to
sign up for the CrossFit Games this year. Because this
competition will give you a baseline of your current
capabilities. Then a year from now you can look back at your
results and see how much you’ve improved.

And if you’ve been doing CrossFit for even a couple months,
then this will give you a great opportunity to test yourself.
There’s absolutely no downside to competing, all you will
lose is $20 from your wallet. And maybe a couple pounds of
sweat. But what you gain in inspiration and pride
will be worth far more than $20.

7. You just might kick some ass.

I guarantee if you sign up for the CrossFit Games, you will
have at least one moment during the 5 weeks where you feel
totally and completely awesome. That moment of awesome might
happen right before you collapse onto the gym floor, or it
might be the second right before the workout starts. Then
again, it might be when you watch your friend get her first
muscle-up or it might be when you snatch more weight than
you’ve ever snatched before.

When you sign up for the CrossFit Games, you are essentially
agreeing to experience something extraordinary.

When you sign up, you are agreeing to do something to
amaze yourself. Because during the 5 weeks of the competition
you WILL do something amazing.
But only if you sign

Have You Signed Up Yet?

Runners have the marathon. Cyclists have the century ride.
Triathletes have the Ironman. All those events set the stage
for personal and memorable victories. In all those events,
every finish line is a victory, and every athlete has a
personal story to tell about their journey.

CrossFit doesn’t have any finish line. All we have is
the timer clock that eventually runs down to zero.

But when that timer clock runs down to zero, you could have
an amazing story to tell. You could have a victory worth

I hope you do.

I hope you sign up for the CrossFit Games so you can show
your family and friends just exactly what you are capable of.

But mostly I hope you sign up so you can show
yourself what you are capable of.

Here’s a photo of Krista – doing Power Cleans – and training
for the 2013 CrossFit Games.

Krista is already signed up for the 2013
CrossFit Games Open.
Are you?


Krista inspires ME and I’m super excited to see her compete in the Open this year!


  1. Krista inspires me also, I just signed up for the Games!

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