“Elizabeth” and Bumper Plate Juggling

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"Elizabeth"                   Bumper plate flipping and juggling.  It’s a good time!
For Time:
21-15-9 rep rounds
135 lb. Clean
Ring Dips

Ryan: 8:36, 110 lb. (50 kg), supported dips
John: 10:13, 88 lb. (40 kg), jumping dips
Linc: 10:50, 110 lb. (50 kg), bar dips
Mike: 8:21, 135 lb., as prescribed
Lisa: 8:38, 77 lb. (35 kg), mixed w/jumping dips


  1. Superior to flipping kettlebells in every aspect. Particularly when the plate hits the ground. Or my foot.

  2. My bad! 🙂
    You were right about that golfer’s elbow! Got a little flare-up on my right. Not too bad, should be okay with a little heat&ice. That’s what I get for having too much fun!

  3. Tara Paprocki says:

    Wow sorry I missed this one…can we juggle and flip again soon so I can try? =)

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