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I decided to stop eating sugar, it was in response at least 30 years of sugar
addiction and Lisa Ray’s Challenge for Crossfit Flagstaff – Stop eating
sugar!  Taking out the bagels, breads, cereals, spoonfuls of jelly, chocolate
candies from candy bowls strewn about town, rice dream snacks, etc.cetera, was surprisingly
easier than I thought.  When you are ready, you are ready.  Doing it
in the context of Crossfit was the way I discovered I was ready.


I stopped sugar, the word was ZONE.  Or PALEO.  You need to
ZONE.   You should go PALEO to get the true benefits! Go ZONE. 
Measure.. plan…ZONE.


knew that was right.  I didn’t doubt the wisdom. But for me, taking
all of that other stuff out of my diet was enough.  ENOUGH!  Don’t
PUSH me any further. I’m not ready.


don’t know how many months have gone by, but a new shift is taking
place.  Apart from my beers and the occasional cheat day, I really have stopped
eating all that crap I used to call food.  A kitchen sans breads, bagels
and cereals is normal.  Eating with at least a nod toward zone is normal.


now, guess what? I’m curious!  CURIOUS!  What would happen if I
zoned?  How will I feel, how will my body change?  I don’t go
to crossfit daily, to say the least, but I adore everything about crossfit and
how it’s changed the way I feel about myself.. how I  look and how I
act around a set of weights, pullup bar or a stopwatch.


will ZONING make even more of a difference?  This enquiring mind wants to


I’m not sure of the exact start date yet, probably as of this coming
Sunday, my curiosity will have gotten the better of me and I will officially
start my own ZONE CHALLENGE.


else want to come along?


  1. I don’t know if anyone out there is going to be interested in tracking my progress publicly. Lisa suggested I post daily about it – to help keep me committed. It’s scary, therefore good.
    I’ve been a vegetarian for years. I’m considering eating meat. Grass fed, humanely treated meat. That’s huge.
    Lots of changes, all coming from this place:
    I’m almost 46. It’s time to do it to the fullest because I want to. Not because I need to. I don’t. I’m a pretty fit chicky for my age. But as Bono of U2 says, Very good is the enemy of great. So now, I want to see if I can get to great.

  2. I’m not going to post my food log, but I can’t believe how hard yesterday (monday)was! It was mental. I’ve been great about eating proteins over the past months, not great about packing in the veggies and fruits. Yesterday, after eating broccoli and spinach and cauliflower for two days, my stomach was totally bloated, (ok, gassy!), and i just felt like CRAP! Mentally I was like.. no way. No way can I do this.
    So I am in adjustment period.
    Not being able to work out is tough. I know better than to re-injure and I have to lay low for probably another week. So I will have plenty of time to adjust.
    I hope today is easier.

  3. This is funny because I’m writing to myself in public.
    I met with Katie Lowe today to try to break it down to the basics. It’s still hard to imagine eating in such a regimented way, but I’m going to try it.
    Is GAS the elephant in the room that nobody talks about? (now I’ll know if anyone is reading!). Eat lots of vegetables, get totally bloated.. etc. I need this to stop very soon!
    I will post my food logs. It’s the only way to go. Starting tomorrow. Hi Lisa if you’re reading!

  4. Sarah Bremer says:

    Hi Eileen! I would love to come along!!!

  5. Emotional. Angry. Pissed. Angry. Emotional.
    I don’t want to measure my fucking food. I don’t want to NOT grab a handful of something I know is healthy and is not sugar or carbs.
    I want to feel free. So much of my life is based on providing for others. I want THIS part to be FREE!
    This is hard. Emotionally hard. Maybe it will get easier, but right now I can honestly say I am NOT following it to the letter. I am close and will post a food log. I’m questioning why I am doing this to myself – pure vanity? Yes. It is. I want to get to that minimum body fat goal at least once in my life. Will it change anything else about my life? I don’t know but it’s vanity motivated.
    I question it. I wonder. I won’t quit or walk away, but it’s going to take a little before I feel good about this. Maybe it will take a lot.

  6. I’m starting to feel a little bit better. A few days on controlled eating makes it doable. Like I said, I’m not a zone poster child. Yet. I have taken ALL crap out. No more little dollops of mac and cheese on my salad at new frontiers. Absolutely no gluten free crackers in the house (my last carb crutch).
    The two things I cannot yet give up: tea with stevia and milk. 1 or 2 beers. I know I can fit those beers into the zone if I plan right. I’m not quite there yet.

  7. End of Week 1
    Call it Zone Imperfect! Definitely imperfect! Day 2 I was in a restaurant at the Grand Canyon, day 4 and 5 glued to clients the whole day without my snacks pre-measured. Got REALLY hungry rather than eating 5 times a day. So imperfect to say the least, it was.
    The Difference: TRYING makes a difference. Taking out all of those bad carbs xcept beer already feels different.
    Learning makes a difference. So I feel different in a better way, regardless of how perfect or imperfect this week was.

    TOTALLY and COMPLETELY not even CLOSE to perfect. Maybe not even Zone? But hell, I cut out all the rice and extra credit crap I still let myself eat, so it feels like a massive change. I need to have way more veggies on hand. Getting the protein is not hard, but getting the veggies is realy hard.
    Tea w/stevia and milk
    2cups coffee w creamer
    1 half avocado
    Small handful nuts
    3 broccoli florets
    Fabis for dinner – fish veggies n 2 big crackers w cream cheese
    2 beers
    Tofu w broccoli n cauliflower
    Pumpkin seeds lots of them
    Coffee w creamer
    6 oz salmon, spinach soup, broccoli florets
    Broccoli n a little cheese (sm portion)
    Half lara bar
    Tofu n veggies
    2 Lara bars
    Dinner? I forget
    1 blk snack
    Omelette 3 eggs w veggies
    (Grand canyon restaurant)
    tea w milk n stevia
    2 beers
    3oz salmon, spinach delite from new frontiers, like a spinach soup
    Tea w milk n stevia
    Tuna salad n tabouli
    Tea w/ stevia and milk
    New frontiers- tofu n tempeh n greens n balsamic
    1 block snack
    HUNGRY!!! Argh!!!
    Tuna with tabouli and greens
    3 beers
    Big bunch of nuts
    2 beers
    3 oz salmon with nothing else
    Cabalcita (veggie filling), maybe 1 tortilla? at cafe ole no rice or beans
    Coffee w creamer
    Tuna w tabouli n 2 tsp vegan mayo n salsa
    Salmon again
    1 beer
    Coffe n creamer
    Fish. No veggies
    Fish n greens
    1 beer
    2 coffee cream
    Bread for adrenal test – had to eat bread
    Salmon and a big green salad with balsamic
    New Frontiers – tofu/mixed veggies/ sprinkled with blue cheese
    bunch of nuts
    2 beers

    It’s been two weeks since I starting trying to do zone. I say try because I have not and probably will not do it perfectly – ever.
    But. After going through those extreme and horrible emotions during the first week, I calmed down. It’s all OK.. I can do this.
    For me, “this” is trying to eat the combo of three of the zone – protein, carbs and fats. I’ve eaten a ton of fish and am already sick of fish. I’m trying to pack in the veggies. I’m eating nuts.
    I believe I’ve already lost weight. I started losing weight by taking out all of those other carbs, but I slipped into a pair of jeans I haven’t worn in two years.
    My biggest problem: I am a vegetarian (eat fish) and am not a cook. I need easy and fast. I need basically pre-prepared. I bought The Soy Zone and am trying to find foods that I can have ready.
    Last night was my CHEAT NIGHT! After dinner at a friends, I had two chocolate covered strawberries, then a whole bunch of chocolate chip cookie dough! SCRUMPTIOUS!
    And it’s cool. This morning I’m right back on. I can do this.

  10. I’m confused. I bought “The Soy Zone” by Barry Sears. The book tells me that all of the soy based fake meats that have more protein than carbs are GOOD zone foods.
    I ran to New Frontiers and bought the soy based foods that have like.. at least double the protein as the carbs. I started eating them (again – I used to live on the stuff but w/o the combination of veggies and fats). I was euphoric to eat something other than fish.
    Now, I just read Rob Wolff’s blog (man that guy is an ANGRY dude, is he not?), and especially the story of Laura DeMarco (http://robbwolf.com/). Her story is the journey from veggie zoner to paleo – meat zoner. The message is that the soy foods I’m eating are NOT GOOD ENOUGH.
    Reality. I’ve only been doing this (my version of zone imperfect) for a little over two weeks. I absolutely feel better about myself for taking out ALL of those bad carbs (except beer, so I can’t say all). I feel better about myself for the changes I have made. I can actually see the body fat melting away! I feel good about it.
    How is it possible to feel so good about something in one minute, and in the next, set myself up to feel like I’m not doing ENOUGH?
    This is the stuff of all of life. Is it good enough? Is is more important to get the perfect result or to enjoy how the process is going? Is is possible to do both?
    I don’t have the answers.

    I have to keep saying it – I’m not doing this perfectly. My measurements are done with my eyeballs. I eat a LOT of nuts during the day, probably way more than prescribed. I probably have some sugar in the sauces I use for my proteins. I’ve just recently – as in three days ago – decided to stop drinking my nightly one or two beers.
    But the changes in my body and attitude are immediate and noticeable. I’ve lost weight – for sure. I feel good – proud to have crossed the line over the daily rice and secret starches. Stunned that the person eating good proteins and vegetables and nuts is, well, ME.
    I am more and more curious to witness my body changes over the next months as I continue this. It’s exhilarating to say the least. Maybe soon I’ll actually see some muscle tone in my abs? I’ve always believed it’s there.. is it?

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