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Paleo+Intermittent Fasting+CrossFit Works

I Just received this email, thought I’d pass it along. A key feature
I;d like to point out is that Mike got his food quality squared away,
made sleep a priority and used intermittent fasting in measured, smart
doses. The result? Better performance and health. This is BTW, the
order of opperations in how to implement this stuff, food quality,
lifestyle THEN play with IF. IF is not a fix-all for a shitty lifestyle.

It was great seeing and talking to you at the affiliate
gathering in Austin. Mary and I had a fantastic time seeing and talking
with all of the other affiliates, in addition to the great speakers. I
wanted to fill in some information I forgot to mention when we were
I mentioned that my performance has taken off since the
Nutrition seminar at GSX. The changes I made from that included reading
Lights Out, gettting more sleep, waking up without an alarm clock most
of the time, switching to completely paleo, cutting out dairy, buying
grass-fed meat, non-farm raised salmon, and I coincidentally found one
of my co-workers (I still have a day job) that has chickens and I
started buying eggs from her. In addition, I moved half of my daily
carbs to the post-WOD meal. I continued intermittent fasting, which I
do about twice a week for close to 24 hours. All that has added up to
setting PR’s in every WOD I do. And not little PRs, huge PRs like 5
minutes off of my Kelly time. And I had already been crossfitting for
about 2 years, so it’s pretty much all due to all those changes I made.
And while that performance stuff is cool, the best (I’ll
call it) side effect is that I haven’t gotten sick. For as long as I
can remember, I have gotten sick with what I (and doctors) called
a cold or allergies 2-4 times per year for 2-3 weeks at a time. While
eating zone had reduced those numbers, I would still come down with
some sort of illness more often than I liked. What really convinced me
that it was working was when friends got sick, and I managed to avoid
it. That never happened in the past. With Coach Glassman’s definition
of health, maybe that performance stuff is especially important over
the long-term, but having the short-term indicators that it’s working
is pretty cool.
So, thanks for all the great info. Oh, and I like the new look of the website.

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