Easy Paleo on the go

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These Ziploc Zip n' Steam bags kick ass!  Throw some frozen veggies in – toss in the microwave and 3 min later you are good to go.  Throw a hunk of raw protein (fish, chicken etc.) some veggies and some spices – 7 min. later paleo meal for one. 

They are working for me – easy clean up, fast cooking, easy to make a meal for one.  They steam veggies so they don't turn out limp and lifeless.  Great for work.


  1. Very coll Ryan. I forget about stuff like that as i walk around the grocery store. I tend to get into my same old patterns of food i cook at work or don’t feel like firing up the grill in the cold. Those are going to be added to my shopping list!
    Anyone else have easy ideas they have been using?

  2. Try this for a four block meal
    6oz raw shrimp
    1/2 bag of the frozen stir fry bell pepper/onions
    Some spices of choice (spicy)
    Nuke for 3 1/2 min then add hot sauce

  3. I am almost at a loss. I am by no means a cook, and I probably don’t even really have good taste in food, so without New Frontiers having the veggies, starch, protein in the form of tempeh or tuna, and some cheese ready for me every day, I wouldn’t have made it!
    But the idea of making things ready to nuke is a great one. I have bought large amounts of salmon, cooked it nicely and had it on stand by to put in salads, breakfasts, etc. Other than that… NEW FRONTIERS!

  4. Try this:
    Nut crusted fish, shrimp, or chicken. Instead of using bread crumbs or batter and frying. Use ground nuts or nut meal and bake your protein. Pecan crusted shrimp is excellent. Add a little seasoning to the nut mix to give another twist.
    Another thing to try is to roast the veggies. Asparagus,red peppers, onions, squash, brussel sprouts, and other veggies, mixed or alone. Par boiled or microwaved for a couple minutes, then mix in a bowl with olive oil and seasoning then throw on a cookie sheet and roast for 20 minutes. Mmm!

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