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IMG_2729 WOD
Max Rounds In 20 Minutes of:

95 lb. M/65 lb. W

CrossFit Educational Videos:
Core to Extremity Violation, Pat Sherwood …
Sumo DL High Pull, Level II Seminar …[wmv][mov]

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Injury and why I love CrossFit.

-Eileen Schreiber

So…….. I got hurt. I jumped too high, didn’t make
it, fell backwards, and broke that fall with two hands behind me. It’s
been over a week and I’m just now feeling OK about bearing load –
meaning, holding the blow dryer without pain, or pulling off my bra, (OUCH), and
I still shake hands like a total wimp.

Thank goodness it’s nothing that a little time
won’t heal.  This is not being really “HURT”.

But getting injured in any way made me think a lot about
CrossFit, and why I love it so much.

Nobody pushed me to jump that high. I tried it on my own. 
Nobody stood next to me, subtly asking me to feel like a wimp or a pussy if I
didn’t go for it.  The box was there.  And so were lower ones. The only
reason I tried to jump that high is because I wanted to.

Since I’ve been hurt, I’ve kept going to
CrossFit.  I can’t use my hands.  Period.  And it’s OK.  Again,
nobody treats me worse because I can’t do what they do.  I just do
something else.

If our CrossFit were a place where I felt like I was
constantly being pushed from the outside..if I felt like someone was treating
me like I have to always go one step father or harder to be worthy , I would
never come back.

I love our CrossFit because the challenge is ALWAYS there..
the competition is ALWAYS in front of me.. the people who can do it all as
Rx’d are working out next to me…so the opportunity to push harder,
do it faster, bear more load,  is omnipresent. 

But the only one who EVER puts the pressure on to take it
on.. is me. 

Intro to Intensity, Greg Glassman…[mov][wmv]

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