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Img_1646 WOD
CrossFit Benchmark WOD -"Diane"
21-15-9 Rep Rounds for Time:

Demo video of "Diane" by Brett Marshall, aka "AFT"
Demo video of "Diane" by James Fitzgerald, aka "OPT"
Both are from CrossFit Calgary.

Img_2505_3 Img_2525_2 Img_2529_2
Four people got on the official "As Rx’d" Board today!  Nice work Cullen, Phil, Jason, and Mike Oberst!!
Img_1644 Img_2513 Img_2530


  1. YEY Phil Jason and Mike O. way to go!
    Oh and Phil…game on…I will beat you to 25 kipping pullups. 😉

  2. Why stop at 25, go for 30 and match Lisa and me.

  3. 7:44!!
    That’s creepy fast Mike.

  4. Crossfitflagstaff says:

    Nice work, Boys! Great to see some people coming in strong on some of those workouts where no one has been able to get on the board yet!
    Phil, I’d like to see that back flatter, and therefor stronger, on the deadlift. Too rounded. You got the time and you got it “as Rx’d”, but form needs to improve…then it can be “as Rx’d PERFECTLY”!

  5. Jason,
    I just wanted to thank you for pushing me when you came in. Your handstands were so fluid, but mine only improved because of you pushing me to profection.

  6. #$#@
    that’s funny. It should say perfection. Maybe you could push me to get a dictionary too.

  7. I like “profection”- it’s a good new CrossFit word!

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