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"Dennis" -a little adventure race prep

For Time:
Bike 1 mile
Row 500m
Rope Climb x3 ascents
Trail Run 1/2 mile
Wall Ball x20
Shoot Target x5 hits

Dennis 15:34
Jeremiah 13:55
Tara 17:08
Mike 12:25
Lisa 15:05


  1. Nice work everyone, especially Dennis, completing his namesake workout after doing a real adventure race just two days before.

  2. Sounds awesome. How did the shooting go after all the met-con work? Must have been tough!

  3. Tara Paprocki says:

    Thanks for the “fun” new workout! I WILL master the rope! Can’t wait for tomorrow’s Fun!!!

  4. I love it — sounds fun! Shooting after the rope climbs must have been interesting!

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