Toes to Bar and Push Jerk

7 Rounds:

7 Toes to bar

7 Push Jerks (135#/95#)


Accessory Work:

3 Rounds- Not For Time:

8 Dumbbell Z-Press (Seated Shoulder Press)

8L/8R- 3 point Dumbbell Row




Sunday Funday

Sunday Makeup, CORE, and Stuff & Things.

Core- 3 Rounds

21- Weighted Abmat sit-ups

21- Hip Extensions

15- GHD Situps

15- Rev Hyper

9 V-Ups

9 Banded Goodmorning



Yeah! For Partner Workout Saturdays

2 Rounds- One partner working at a time

1. 2:00 Box Jump to step down (24″/20″)

2. 2:00 GHD Sit-ups

3. 2:00 Cal Row

4. 400m Run

5. 2:00 Burpees

Partner 1 works while the other rests, then switch



What was more difficult? The workout or the math to determine your final rep count?

“Crossfit Speed Dating”


Hang Power Snatch 95#/65#

Thruster 95#/65#

*time cap 10:00 then part 2


From the finish of part 1 until 16:00:

Find a 1 Rep Max Hang Power Snatch

Compare to March 2018





Thursday Abs and Arms WOD

5 Rounds

40ft Handstand Walk

20 Medball Cleans 20/14#

20 Abmat Situps with Medball


or make up any workouts from earlier in the week




Thursday Abs and Arms WOD

5 Rounds

40 Foot Hand Stand Walk

20 Med Ball Cleans 20#/14#

20 Med Ball Sit Ups


Make Up What you missed…

Press, Jump, Pull

Push Press



Press, Jump, Pull

150 Double Unders

75 Pullups

*at the top of each minute you will complete 5 Push Press (135/95#)

**10 Minute Cap.


Jessica Gabrys is one of our new foundations athletes. She did a great job picking up on a new to her movement, The Push Press yesterday! You can see her nice execution of the lift in these three photos. Strong work Jes!

1. Her torso remains vertical as her hips and knees flex in the dip.

2. Her hips and legs fully extend THEN she presses.

3. The lift is finished with her hips, knees and arms in full extension.

Today’s Good Mood will be sponsored by: RUNNING!

4 x 200m *Rest 1:00 between runs

-3min rest-

3 x 300m *Rest 1:00 between runs

-3min rest-

2 x 400m *Rest 1:00 between runs

Goal of the workout is to not deviate beyond :15 per interval

-Record your fastest for each distance


                                             When our cutest member gets locked away


Squat Clean

Squat Cleans


*every 4 min- Finish the 5 reps in :30.

Can be Touch-n-Go or singles.


For Time:

15 Squats Cleans 135#/95#

21 Cal Row






Sunday Make Up and CORE


4 Giant Sets:

6 Heavy Medball Cleans over the shoulder

6 Reverse Hypers


4 Giant Sets:

25 GHD Sit Ups

10 Barbell Goodmornings