Sunday Make Up and Core Day


Team Power Prowler!

CrossFit WOD – Team Power Prowler

Teams of 3 Complete 5 intervals each, each for time (2:00 or less time domain per rd).
1 partner works through a full interval at a time while the others rest. At appropriate pace and loading, should give a 1:2 work to rest ratio.

10 Shoulder-to-Overhead – 165/110#
100m Prowler Push (moderate weight that can be done without stopping and performed at a jogging pace)

GREAT to have so many visitors join our teams today!  Thankful to have the new athletes and the greater CrossFit communities from all over the world be part of the local CrossFit community and share the same love for CrossFit – suffering together!

5 Benefits of the Prowler Push

(Click on the title link to the article and scroll down to the 3rd video.  You might recognize some of our Steve’s Club and CFF athletes and coaches featured in the article!)

1. Leg and Core Hypertrophy

Increased muscle hypertrophy is a primary benefit from doing long duration (45-90 seconds) prowler pushes. By pushing the sled at the above angles (described in the video by Mark Rippetoe), you challenge the quads, glutes, abdominals, erectors,and upper body to stay rigid and contract for prolonged periods of time, which has been shown (time under tension training) to increase muscle growth. This is a great way for lifters who have injuries and/or are trying to limit spinal loading yet looking to add quality muscle mass and training volume within their training programs.

2. Active Recovery

Prowler pushes and sled training is a great way to increase blood flow to active tissues for recovery purposes (when done at lower intensities). Prowler pushes involve concentric muscle contractions, meaning that they do not induce eccentric strains upon the muscles (which have been linked to delayed onset muscle soreness). IN doing so, you limit muscle soreness all while helping to increase blood flow to damaged muscle tissues (from previous training to ultimately increase the recovery process of the body.

3. Work Capacity / Conditioning

The prowler push is a great modality for low impact conditioning and work capacity training for nearly every athlete. Whether you goals are power, strength, muscle endurance, or weight loss, the prowler push can be modified (based on loading, time intervals, rest periods, etc) to fit the needs and exercise physiology of the sport.

4. Sprint Mechanics

When angles are changed so that they are similar hip and knee angles found in sprint mechanics, the prowler can be a great way to increase leg drive and force output (unilaterally). By doing so, you can increase the force output and ground reaction forces of the lower body during running, sprinting, and other athletic movements, helping to create faster, stronger strides.

5. Functional and Sport Training

Pushing the prowler, cars, opponents, and handling loads in dynamic ways is a key skill and foundational movement pattern that many humans should have within their skill set. Throughout most sports, human interactions, or daily life, the ability to contract the core, upper body, and carry/pull/push heavy loads can come in handy. Doing this safely by learning proper hip angles, leverages, core stability, and developing enough muscle mass are all benefits of the prowler push and can have a drastic impact on one’s athleticism and functional fitness and strength.

Crossfit WOD – “Get Your KB On”

“Get Your KB on”

5 RFT:
10 Double KB/DB Front Squats -55/35#
15 KB Swings -55/35#
20 Box Jumps – 24″/20″





Kettle bell swings are a great hip extension movement to build explosion through the hips. We focus a majority of the time on the forward swing, keeping the kettle bell close, letting the hips do the work, and keeping the arms relaxed, but how often do yo think of the return. Jeff Martone does a great job of explaining how to counter balance the return of the kettle bell swing and why it is so important. So, if you find you are really out of breath or you grip is getting taxed early during kettle bell swings use this video to help refine your kettle bell swings.

Core and Makeup Thursday

Squat and Run

CrossFit WOD
For time:
30 Back Squats (225lbs/155lbs)
1-mile Run

Improvement comes from consistency.

Without consistency we just have… mediocre. I don’t know of anyone at our gym that has the personality to wake up and say, “today I am going to be mediocre.” Consistency needs to present in everything we do and every day we do it.

First, we need to make it to the gym consistently. If we come 5 times one week and then “get busy” for the next 3 weeks then we are really just making our selves into a hamster on a hamster wheel. We will never go anywhere. We will get frustrated with our progress and ultimately give up.

Secondly, we need consistent effort. If you show up with the expectations of giving it your 50% then you are going to get 50% of the results. Coach Glassman says, “impress me with intensity, not volume.” Consistent effort on a high level is where we will find our best results.

The truth is you can have whatever you want if you are consistent. If we replace “maybe later” with “never” would it change the way we act? Generally, when we put something off we don’t have an opportunity to make it up. It’s now or never. Life doesn’t leave too many opportunities for maybe later.

If we are true to ourselves and consistent then we can all be epic. Let’s choose to be epic. Epic in our own right. Don’t look at what everyone else is doing and think that you can’t do that. Look at where you have come from and realize that your journey is epic.

Crossfit WOD – “Core and Stability”

“Core and Stability”

3 Rounds for time:
25 GHD Situps
50 Double unders
100-Foot Double DB/KB overhead walk (70lbs/53lbs per hand)

Athletes must have been on GHD for some volume
in the past 2-3 weeks to do all 3 rds of 25.



For those of you looking to try, level up, or just increase your GHD sit up capacity here are two videos that explain the points of performance of a GHD sit up and the physiological reason why it is so important to build to the capacity over time. Just like any other movement GHD sit ups are very potent if done at high volume so it is important to follow a progression over time to build capacity as well as proper range of motion.

Crossfit WOD – “DT meet Cindy, Cindy meet DT”

5 Rounds for time of:
1 Round of “DT”
2 Rounds of “Cindy”

1 round of DT is:
12 Deadlift
9 Hang power clean
6 Push jerk

1 round of Cindy is:
5 Pull-ups
10 Push-ups
15 Air squats

Here are a couple tips from the Crossfit Competitors Course on how to make your barbell cycling more efficient. Preventing the thud on the thigh might be as simple as pushing your knees and hips back to make the transition smoother. Practice with an empty barbell first, perfect, then increase gradually over time.

Sunday Core and Make Up Day

Friendly reminder that there will no longer be a 3pm class starting tomorrow April 2nd.

Crossfit WOD – “Team Tama”

Team Tama:

Teams of 2, complete in you-go-I-go fashion:

For time:
800-meter single-arm DB/KB farmers carry, 55/35 lb. (400m each)
62 toes-to-bars
62 push-ups
62 front squats, 95/65 lb.
400-meter single-arm DB/KB farmers carry, 70/55 lb. (200m each)
62 toes-to-bars
62 push-ups
62 hang power cleans, 135/95 lb.
200-meter single-arm DB/KB farmers carry, 85/70 lb. (100m each)

Crossfit WOD – “Heavy Karen”

“Heavy Karen”

For time:
100 Wall-Ball shots

Men: 30-lb. ball to 10-ft. target
Women: 20-lb. ball to 9-ft. target

Wall ball are tough and heavy wall balls are even worse. Here is a quick tip that may help relieve that intense shoulder burn you may have had during “Heavy Karen”.