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I find the best way to keep gaining more knowledge, honing skills, seeing creativity at work in CrossFit is to visit other CrossFit affiliates.  I had the privilege of spending time with Carrie Klumpar and Michael Street at CrossFit Eastside in the Seattle area this week.  Carrie and Michael have a thriving CrossFit gym in Redmond, post an informative website, and are great trainers.  I learned a lot  from them and had a GREAT workout, which remains a bit of a secret as I plan to share it with CrossFit Flagstaff folks upon my return home! (also had a fun tour and breakfast at Microsoft-Michael’s "day" job.  Carrie gave it up recently to jump into CrossFit Eastside with both feet!)

CrossFit love and suffering is shared across the U.S. and the world at large.  Here is a view of it in the Northwest…

Carrie training the overhead squat to beginners……with great success!

Michael coaching the importance of an upright chest, weight in the heels, pulling down and back with the hip flexors…for a strong end-result!

Like father, like son…


  1. Hey. I just saw this. Lisa, it was awesome having you visit CFES. I’m glad you were able to make time for it while you were in town When can you come again!? (And bring Mike.)
    BTW, we’re actually in Redmond, WA (though Renton is just a few miles south…)

  2. Lisa, you are amazing. Very good having you around. Fun to hang out, and learn from you as well.
    See you soon.

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