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the cast of "300" train with CrossFit?


The short answer is yes and no, mostly yes. Watch the 300
Training Video

Many CrossFit affiliates across the nation are talking about new clients who have come to them because they have somehow
discovered a connection between CrossFit and the training of the 300 cast by
Mark Twight of Gym Jones in Salt Lake City, Utah.
Like everyone exposed to it, Mark Twight has put his own special spin on
CrossFit, but the main ideas and the essence of his current training method
remain CrossFit.
Mark Twight is an extremely accomplished endurance
alpinist, and author of several books on training for mountaineering events. He
was an advocate of long, slow endurance training and high carb, low fat diets
until he discovered CrossFit, attended a few CrossFit seminars, and become
(temporarily) a CrossFit affiliate. CrossFit turned his world upside down, and
he became an advocate of short duration, higher intensity workouts, and low
carb, higher fat diets.

Here’s what Twight has said about CrossFit in issue 19 of the CrossFit
Journal, "What Is
CrossFit?" (Free Download)

"You can talk all you want about being in good shape until you do a few
CrossFit workouts. And then you will realize — like I did — that what you
have been doing is likely training strong points, rarely working on weak points,
and training efficiency to such a degree that the workouts you do are less
effective than they might be if you mixed energy modes, duration, and types of
You probably know something about climbing-specific training because
of books like Ex Alp, Clyde’s book, Dale’s book, and maybe Will’s. But none of
this will prepare you for what is to come if you make even the slightest effort
to follow CrossFit. Coach invited me to CrossFit HQ for an instructor seminar. I
was the weakest guy in attendance, by at least 50% during every workout we did
over the three days. Those days changed my life. I could “what if?” my old
training program and all the years I missed when I thought I was fit but I was
nowhere near my potential but the key is to move on when you know that something
better is out there, without second-guessing. I don’t believe I will find
anything better than CrossFit for developing power, endurance, lactate
tolerance, stamina (local area endurance), balanced muscle groups, efficient
neurological pathways (in the context of movement), etc. The bottom line: I
started toying with the CF protocol last April without truly understanding it. I
improved in some diverse areas of fitness but had not seen the light or my own
potential yet. I went to CFHQ 1 December. Since then I have lost 12lbs, leaned
out, and I am approximately 25% stronger across the board without significant
negative effect on endurance despite the short duration of our workouts (nothing
longer than 25 minutes, with the norm being half that or less)."  

Here’s what Twight has said about CrossFit on his own website:
December of 2003 I attended an Instructor Certification course at CrossFit
headquarters to learn more about what I had been dabbling with during the
previous six months. I went there fit, secretly confident but I was destroyed by
each and every fitness challenge presented. Humbled, ego thought we should have
a “soloing on loose rock” contest but pragmatism held sway and I poured ego from
my cup, which meant it could be filled with the knowledge and experience that
hid in every nook and cranny of that small gym in Santa Cruz.”

(text courtesy CrossFit Atlanta )

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