Crossfit WOD – Front Squats and Body Armor

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Front Squat
6×4 @80% of 1 RM + 10-20 more pounds

Body Armor Part 1
7 Inverted Pausing Barbell Rows (1 second)
14 Kneeling Single Arm Presses (7 each side)
21 Glute Bridges
— Repeat 2x —

Body Armor Part 2
800 Meter Double-Kettlebell Walk
1st 100m – Both KB’s in Farmers Carry
2nd 100m – Both KB’s in Front Rack Position
3rd 100m – Left Arm Front Rack, Right Arm Farmers Carry
4th 100m – Left Arm Farmers Carry, Right Arm Front Rack
— Repeat 2x —

Tougher than it looked. The aerobic intensity was down but the skill challenge level was up. Take advantage of the low impact day and hydrate, eat, stretch, sleep plenty, and relax because its going to be a fun weekend starting Friday! Great job today CFF adapting to the not so common movements we do in Crossfit.

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