Crossfit WOD – “Fifth Wheel”

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Part #1 Strict HSPU
7 Unbroken Sets of 30% of Max Strict HSPU

Part #2 – Midline
Alternating Tabata
Hollow Rocks
Superman Rocks
“Fifth Wheel”
7 Rounds of “The Chief” (115/80)
Max Calorie Bike/Row

— rest 5 minutes —

6 Rounds of “The Chief” (135/95)
Max Calorie Bike/Row

— rest 5 minutes —

5 Rounds of “The Chief” (155/105)
Max Calorie Bike/Row

Keeping integrity during intensity is the fine line we should all strive to find every time we move a barbell, perform gymnastics, or condition. For example, its the median between pulling your hardest with broken form on a rower to get more power and pulling softly with finesse, but not putting out much power. We want the best of both worlds- to pull as hard as we can but with pretty form. In Crossfit this is known as threshold training. As we increase intensity our technique starts to break down. A common goal we should all have is to find our threshold line and work on increasing our intensity while decreasing the amount of technical break down in our form. We do that by choosing an appropriate scale at class because “Rx’d” is just a number and not the goal of the workout, and slightly increasing the intensity (weights or volume) once we have shown progression while maintaining integrity during intensity. This means that if you have completed Fran at 75 pounds in 7:30min, and the next time at the same weight you complete Fran in 5:00min, then the third time you do Fran it may be time to increase the intensity slightly by going to 80-85lbs and trying to complete it as fast as you did the first or second time. Find your line, refine your technique at intensity, and push the envelope once your truly ready.


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