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CrossFit Total (click
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Best of 3 separate attempts for a 1 rep max of each exercise.Img_0311

Compare to  June 2008.


2007 CrossFit Games Total Highlights Video

There has been some questionable squat depth lately, and what people are willing to accept as "deep enough".  In the video article linked above on the Back Squat, Coach Rippetoe talks about how a proper squat is below parallel and anything above is not a squat.  Below parallel is when the crease of the hip is below the knee cap – the slope of the thigh angles down from the knee to the hip, even just a little bit.  Sometimes it’s difficult to feel proper depth in our own selves, so I just want to use some photos from today’s squats to illustrate good depth, squats that are not deep enough to count, and also squats that are just at parallel – which we won’t accept as "good enough" in the future because if it’s questionable then it just isn’t deep enough.  Those who are willing to work hard for good depth with heavy loads deserve the value to be placed on their efforts and we should all strive for that legitimacy in ourselves.


These squats are definitely below parallel.  Good.


Parallel, but need to strive for at least another inch or 2.


Just slightly above.           Not deep enough.               Better, maybe 1" more.


  1. Lisa Ray says:

    I just want my noon class to know that I went in and changed my numbers on the board. At parallel, or questioning whether I was below parallel, wasn’t the standard I set for the gym, so I won’t count it for me either. My 85kg squat was a fail for depth, putting my Total score at 504 instead of 508.

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