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Best of 3 separate attempts for a 1 rep max of each exercise.Img_6047


Compare to September and October .
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Steve has been working his way up on his CrossFit Total, gunning for the #1 slot on the board that Kyle has held for so long.  Until a week or so ago, Steve had never met this ever elusive Kyle Hiser with the 928 CrossFit Total, as Kyle has been immersed in being the proud new father of twin baby girls.  Finally, the day came when these 2 strong men shook hands, looked each other up and down, then with glint in their eye, agreed to a dual.  That #1 position for the CrossFit Total.  Kyle has finally met his match on this one.  No one else has been able to touch him.  He could feel Steve breathing down his neck.  Time to get back to CrossFit and show Steve "what’s UP".  Today was that day.


Steve had to concede that top position and let Kyle keep it…for now.  Both PR’d on their lifts and on their Total today!  STRONG WORK!  As they stride off into the sunset, we know another day will come for yet another face-off between these 2.  This story is not yet over….
As for a few other strong faces in our crowd today…


Izzy rowed for her fastest 500m time today.  We’d like to brag for her… 1 min. 46 sec.!  She is the fastest female at CrossFit Flagstaff and we believe her to be 4th overall.  It even made Lucy’s head spin!


  1. Thank you Mike for coaching me – it was a lot of fun, and I only got my PR’s due to all of your help and encouragement.
    I’m glad I got to be there at 9am and watch the grand dual! STRONG MEN!

  2. monty/ flagstaff says:

    your still my hero steve

  3. So happy to be back! Thank you to everyone, for all your support getting back here. I realize now, how much I miss the positive energy you all provide eachother…and me. THANK YOU!! 🙂

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