CrossFit Kids – 2/10/2014

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3x or 5:00
5 super-slow squats => forward roll => 5 one-legged side-to-side hops, each leg => speed ladder => basic dot drill x 10 => 25-meter high knees => 25-meter pocket kickers

Box jumps – focus on knees out in jump and landing

6:00-8:00 AMRAP
2 wall walk-ups
4 knees-to-elbows or knee raises
8 box jumps, 12”-20”

Medicine Ball Switch – Divide children into 2 groups and send to opposite sides of the play area. On “Go,” they run, bear crawl, hop (trainer calls the movement) to the opposite side of room to retrieve medicine ball and run back to their side of the play area.
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