CrossFit Games “Fran”

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CrossFit Games WOD #1
For Time, 21-15-9 rep rounds of:

To qualify for the Regionals, men must be able to complete this workout within 6 minutes, women within 9 minutes.

Women's Thruster/Pullup 0920 Heat (2008) …[wmv][mov]
Games 08 Highlights by Von Ware …[wmv][mov]


Calling all ladies….Casey is in the house!



  1. Patrick back in the HOUSE! Good to see your face at CFF! Those pullups… looking geat everyone! And Ali…your arms are looking buff girl!

  2. 1.5 mile run on treadmill
    15 power cleans (95 lbs)
    30 dips (red band assist)
    12 power cleans
    24 dips
    9 power cleans
    18 dips
    6 power cleans
    12 dips
    3 power cleans
    6 dips
    approx time 30-35 min. didn’t have a clock running i was just glad to finish and still have my arms attached to my body
    1 mile on treadmill
    2 sets of 10 pulllups

  3. Nice pullups everyone!
    At last year’s Games, one of the guys said the only reps they counted for him were the reps that hit lower than his armpits! Judging was tough!

  4. It’s great to be back! This workout is super easy for me, so I decided to do one arm kipping pull ups. Hit my chest on the bar every time too!!

  5. Seriously Patrick?!?!?!? Super Easy? You Rock! I would love to just get through this one as RX’d…and you…one armed?! Right On!

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