Congrats to Our Ladies Who Lifted!

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These bad-a** ladies went and respresented WELL at the All Women's Strength Challenge in Tucson this past weekend!


Ann took 1st place in the Push/Pull event with 145# Bench Press and 322# Deadlift (PR!)

Amanda also PR'd on these lifts with a 140# Bench Press and 280# Deadlift!

Heidi and Amanda took 1st place in the Clean and Jerk event in their weight classes, both with PR's! Heidi's at 165#, Amanda's at 170#!

Heidi placed 4th in the Heavy-Conditioner WOD and Amanda placed 5th!
3rds (10 min cap):
Farmer Carry -60# DBs
12 Ground to Shoulder -60# DBs
6 Plyo Pushups on 45# plate
200# Prowler Push

Women's Weightlifting 059 Women's Weightlifting 058 Women's Weightlifting 057 Girl's Weightlifting 029 Girl's Weightlifting 012 Girl's Weightlifting 037



  1. Our ladies are BAD ASS!!!

  2. Nice work ladies!

  3. Strong work ladies! Way to represent!

  4. Congrats Heidi and Amanda!!! Yowza!!!

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