Complex Gymnastics

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As many reps as possible in one set of Zercher Squats – 95/65#

CrossFit WOD
20 Min AMRAP:
1 Ring Handstand Push Up (Rx as follows in Games this year’s men with MU into rings)
5 Power Snatches -115/75#
10 Pistols (5 each leg)
400m run

IMG_7258IMG_7259 IMG_7261
Scale options for Ring Handstand Pushups:

A. Deficit Parallette Strict
B. Deficit Parallette Kip
C. Parallette strict or kip
D. regular Handstand Pushups
E. seated DB Shoulder Press plus a kick up to handstand
IMG_7314IMG_7310 IMG_7322
Scale Options for Pistols:

A.  Band or beam assisted through sticky point
B.  Stand on top of box
C.  Pistol Squat to box at or below parallel
D.  Rollup from mat
E.  Lunges
IMG_7255 IMG_7309IMG_7256 IMG_7268 IMG_7284IMG_7269 IMG_7272

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